10 reasons to travel to Belgium from US in 2022

Today I’ll give you an overview of why I personally think you should travel to Belgium from the US

If you have any other comments or criticisms about the topic, I would love to hear from you!

Travel to Belgium from US
  1. Flights
  • Have you ever looked up airplane ticket prices? Particularly from the US to Belgium? They are incredibly affordable! This is not something you see a lot in relation to flight prices. Surprisingly, there will not even be a hidden service charge of $900 for the in-flight meal.
  • Flights to most places can be priced through the roof. However, if you are trying to travel to Belgium from US, most times you can find very affordable prices
  • This is just a personal thought but to me, it also seems that the flights in and around Belgium tend to be a lot more hospitable
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Beautiful Belgium
  1. Environment
  • The environment in Belgium can send your psyche into a metaphyiscal state of absolute bliss
  • The architecture in Belgium, particularly in Brussels will surprise you in its unique beauty
  • When you see the environment at night, walking through the city… It’s completely breathtaking, you may not be able to compare it to a lot of cities because of its very distinct features
  • If you enjoy canals, this country is going to blow you away. The canals in Belgium will make you feel as if you have gotten lost in a world of unseen beauty
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Travel to Belgium from US
  1. Art
  • Many of my personal experiences in Belgium have all led in some way back to an artistic fashion
  • To find a unique artist in Belgium is like trying to find a stick in the woods. There are so many exquisite artists in this country
  • Needless to say, if you dig art or are in the artistic world, you will probably begin to obsess over this city once you visit
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Locals in Belgium
  1. Locals
  • Out of all the places in the world, the locals here in my personal experience have been so willing to help you out. Especially if you are a classy and kind individual. 
  • It helps the psyche to know that if something goes wrong or you get lost you’ll easily be able to gather some nearby intelligence
  • In Belgium, particularly especially in Brussels, I was able to make friends quickly with delightful people through them approaching me
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Living in Belgium
  1. Food
  • If there’s one thing on this list that you are most likely to have already known it was that Belgium has some immense and fulfilling nourishment
  • Whether it comes to chocolate, waffles, Belgian fries, moules frites, stoemp, waterzooi, speculaas, or even tomates aux crevettes grises. 
  • Belgium has by far some of the most unique and easy to eat food on the planet
  • My personal favorites are definitely the Belgian chocolate and waffles… Nearly every single day I’m in Belgium I have chocolate and waffles
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Beautiful mountains
  1. Population
  • You will not find a remotely close population in terms of tourists that you would find in Paris, even in somewhere like Brussells which is the capital of Belgium. To put it in perspective, there are about 9 million people on average that visit Belgium while there are over 35 million people that visit Paris every year. Both of these numbers were pre-Covid-19, however still very relative
  • If you enjoy fewer tourists, this country will be for you. Even Brussels has a smaller tourist population than a lot of places like Paris.
  • One of my favorite things about Belgium is that there are locals everywhere! If you aren’t new to traveling I’m sure you know how easy it is to find tourists in large traveled places.
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Pure elegance
  1. Knowledge
  • The intellect of the Belgian people is unbelievable. Though this is not exactly what I’m talking about when I say knowledge. When you visit Belgium you will learn a lot, not just that the country is where NATO headquarters are located and that the capital of Belgium could be known as the capital of the EU 
  • I highly encourage you to talk to locals because they will guide you if you have any questions… Even about the meaning of life 
  • In terms of travel to Belgium from US, you will come back with much newfound knowledge
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  1. Adventure
  • One thing about Belgium is that most of the cities are completely different from one another so you can assume you’ll have a new adventure with every street you are on
  • If you want a more planned adventure, as I said before the locals are key! If you want an itinerary-based travel experience. Have an idea for what you want to pursue and ask a few of the locals to get some well-versed opinions
  • I do encourage you to visit the historical features of Belgium but even more so I encourage you to get lost in Belgium. Walk wherever the wind takes you and challenge yourself to avoid any cellular devices
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Travel to Belgium from US
  1. Energy
  • The vigor and vitality you will find in this country is very relaxing and calm
  • The first time I ever went to Belgium was directly after Paris… Needless to say, I welcomed the relaxing Belgian vibrations immediately
  • In this guide dealing with travel to Belgium from US, I of course had to talk about the phenomenal energy here
  • If you are a more laid-back kind of individual, you must visit and stay in Belgium for a prolonged period of time. Go from city-to-city and find your favorite places in this grande country
  1. Prices
  • Let’s just say Belgium ranks among the top 15 countries in the world in terms of standard of living
  • A typical full meal in a restaurant will cost you around $11+ and hotels will usually cost $20+ 
  • Belgium isn’t the cheapest country on the planet but it is light years away from the most expensive.
  • In correlation to the standard of living/price to the value of service… It’s unbelievable!
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  • I hope you have enjoyed this guide, I tried to pack a lot into a little! If you have any other tips for people please feel free to leave a comment
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Here’s a complimentary video of me traveling in Belgium like a fanatical vagrant