Top Unknown East Coast Summer Vacations

Today we’ll talk about the most insane and amazing unknown East Coast summer vacations

If you have some secret intelligence about certain areas on the East Coast, let me know with a comment below

east coast summer vacations

Portland, Maine

  • Yes, there’s another Portland besides the one in Oregon and this one may just heavily interest you
  • This place is staggeringly beautiful. It is loaded with wonderful city views, has many luxurious lighthouses, and has some of the best ocean views of all the East Coast cities
  • Portland Oregon actually got its name from people that wanted to name the city after their hometown was as you probably guessed… They were from Portland, Maine
  • For East Coast summer vacations, Portland, Maine is a perfect spot
  • If you are interested in Native American history you’ll love Portland, Maine
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east coast summer vacations

Wilmington, North Carolina

  • There are not only amazing sights to see in Wilmington but if you love good restaurants, it will be easy to fall in love with this city
  • Walking along the boardwalk in Wilmington is a treasure that I highly recommend. It’s unlike many of the boardwalks I have ever witnessed
  • There’s a reason Michael Jordan moved here, this place is wicked environmentally phenomenal
  • This place has a bridge called the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, you will undoubtedly meet this bridge on your visit to Wilmington. It’s such a wonderful sight to see, especially the first time you see it.
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Brunswick, Georgia

Brunswick, Georgia

  • Brunswick is such an extraordinary place, I wish more people knew about it
  • Just like Wilmington, Brunswick also has a gorgeous bridge. This bridge is called the Sydney Lanier Bridge
  • Brunswick has some of the most amazing sunsets of all the cities on this list. If you want to enhance the picturesque sunset, you can take a photo with the bridge in the background
  • If you decide to visit Brunswick, make sure you check out the wonderful 900+ year old oak tree that goes by the name of Lover’s oak
  • Enjoy the restored victoria era old town district while you are in Brunswick
  • The elevation of Brunswick is about 10 to 14 feet above sea level. 
  • Brunswick belongs on any East Coast summer vacations list, having so many desirable attributes
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east coast summer vacations

Jekyll Island, Georgia (near Brunswick)

  • This is a bonus if you decide to head to Brunswick, Georgia considering the close distance in relation to Jekyll Island
  • French explorers arrived on this island in 1562 but Native Americans have been visiting this island for over 3,500 years. This is another wonderful place to visit if you are into Native American history. It is abundant on Jekyll Island
  • This island years ago was only able to be visited by the richest of the richest. However, now thankfully we can all enjoy the blue bliss which is Jekyll Island
  • Jekyll Island compared to many places around is a wonderful place to visit throughout the year with the yearly average temperature around 60 degrees
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Cape May, New Jersey

  • The form of the houses in Cape May is such an elegant look. It screams beauty and can wake someone up with energy with the bright and vibrant colors
  • The beaches, the life, the unique boardwalk, Cape May has a lot of things figured out that I wish more places included
  • Cape May was actually the first seaside holiday destination in all of America. You can assume you’ll learn some interesting historical facts here
  • If you make it to Cape May, I would highly recommend you walk along the beaches and visit the Cape May Lighthouse. You could spend an immense amount of time just doing these two things
  • This amazing place only has a population of around 3,500
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Savannah, Georgia

  • What really makes Savannah, Georgia to me is the environment. The paths with the gorgeous trees along with them, the Savannah River, the city at night, and the local vibrations
  • I thoroughly adore this city and would incredibly recommend you at one point in your life to go visit it
  • There are some really interesting things you can do in the city of Savannah. Some of which are viewing The Pirates House which is a unique tavern. You can check out the Graveface Museum which is all about the history of criminals. Visit the last real grand mansion of Savannah which is a antique store called Alex Raskin Antiques. If you are into haunted areas, you can check out the scary Colonial Park Cemetary, at night…
  • Whether it is the architecture or the horse-drawn carriages, Savannah has so many unique attributes
  • I would highly recommend checking out the cobble stone-filled area which is in the historic district 
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east coast summer vacations

Sebastian, Florida

  • If I had to pick my absolute favorite area on this list, It would undoubtedly be Sebastian, Florida. Part of this is because I am biased considering how one of my favorite surfing spots of all time is here and it’s called The Sebastian Inlet
  • Ironically one of my favorite things about Sebastian and The Sebastian Inlet is that a lot of people don’t know about it. This is a place of glory that has not been touched by many hands as of right now. Considering I have such a rare and low amount of readers, this should continue
  • If you are a beach person, into surfing, obsess over the diverse colors of ocean water, or are looking for one of the most relaxed and astonishing places on the planet… You will dream of this place after you leave
  • As far as East Coast Summer Vacations go, Sebastian, Florida could compete with the rest of the world. This place is by far one of my favorite places on the entire planet
  • The average yearly temperature in Sebastian seems to be around 80 degrees so you probably won’t need snow gear when you are visiting
  • My biggest recommendation for Sebastian is just to walk around, talk to the locals, go where your intuition leads you, and discover some places that I may not even know about over here
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