Top 10 fun places to go on vacation in the United States

Today I’ll give you a list of in my opinion the top fun places to go on vacation 

I have tried to include many different types of environments to suit your needs no matter if you are a beach person, woods person, or somewhere in-between

Fun places to go on vacation in the United States
  1. Grand Rapids, Michigan 
  • Grand Rapids gets its name from The Grand River
  • One of my favorite things to do in Grand Rapids is to travel around the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. You cannot go wrong spending an evening here. This place is 158 acres of sculptures, things to do, and absolute beauty. 
  • If you love animals, visit the John Ball Zoo. This will be a phenomenal experience, yes if you are wondering if they have tigers, they do!
  • On one of the days that you visit Grand Rapids, you will have to visit The Fulton Street, Farmers Market. Buy some fresh produce and enjoy the magical surroundings
  • Last but not least on my list for Grand Rapids is Millennium Park. There’s a beautiful beach here along with loads of bicycling and hiking trails. My warning to you here is that you can spend an endless amount of time at Millennium Park
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Nantucket, Massachusetts
  1. Nantucket, Massachusetts
  • The beaches in Nantucket are surreal. If you are a beach person, this is the place to be! There are so many sand beaches in Nantucket that will boggle your brain with the beauty that they provide. Alongside some of the beaches, there are playgrounds and skateparks. 
  • You have to head to Sankaty Head Light at some point, this lighthouse is extremely elegant. The view and pictures you will be able to take here will provide you with memorials for a long time
  • It wouldn’t be right for me not to tell you about this wonderful place… The Old Mill is the oldest functioning mill in the entire United States!
  • I would also highly recommend going to the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge. This is a nature preserve directly in the middle of many beaches. This is a stunning spot in the world.
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Fun places to go on vacation in the United States
  1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • The first thing you must do when you are here is to eat a real Philly cheesesteak. They are out of this world!
  • As corny as it may seem to some of you, a favorite past-time that I have involved myself with here were the amazing Rocky stairs. That’s right, whether you want to or not I would highly suggest getting in a nice little workout going up and down the stairs at least once
  • Explore Love Park, this park will magically relieve you of all the simple stresses in life at a near-immediate pace
  • If you want to visit some museums head over to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway for many different kinds
  • Now lastly if you are ready for a trip to the outskirts of Philadelphia… Near Kennett Square lies the absolutely stunning display that is the Longwood Gardens which I would absolutely recommend. However, I would plan to be there for a few hours as it’s quite extensive
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Wichita, Kansas
  1. Wichita, Kansas
  • Wichita is such a favorable area and one of my favorite areas in Wichita are the Wichita Gardens. If you are into greenery, you will want to spend a prolonged period of time here
  • If you have time, go towards the Arkansas River Trail and get lost, talk to some locals over there, and have a wonderful time
  • When you are in Wichita, check out The keeper of the plains, particularly during sunset. The view will knock your socks off, maybe even more than your socks. The view is quite incredible
  • Just the mere act of walking around town in Wichita was such a special event to me. If you have a few days or a week+ in Wichita, my highest recommendation would be walking around town
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Fun places to go on vacation in the United States
  1. St. Louis, Missouri
  • We’ll get the Gateway Arch off the list first because this is a monumental sight to behold. You must take photos of this little St. Louis marvel
  • If you are into rollercoasters, you must take a trip to Six Flags! This will give you a spike of adrenaline with the intensity that’s difficult to experience in life
  • On one of the days that you visit St. Louis, make sure you visit Forest Park. Take a day where you seek pure relaxation and just reap the bliss that comes with Forest Park
  • If you are a huge art fan, go check out Citygarden. They have unique art that is easy to love
  • RYZE Adventure Park, this place encompasses the vibrations that you think of when you see the name. This place has loads of obstacles, mini-golf, zip lines, tunnels, this place has everything!
  • For fun places to go on vacation, St. Louis, Missouri is a big favorite of mine
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Nashville, Tennesse
  1. Nashville, Tennesse
  • If you are into music… Nashville is the place to be. One of the first places on my list in Nashville to visit will be Grand Ole Opry. This place is monumental in the history of country music and is the longest-running radio broadcast in US history!
  • Go see Cumberland Park while you are here in Nashville. This place has fountains and fun. Seriously go check it out
  • While you are in Nashville my highest suggestion is to walk around town going into bars and checking out local musicians. This place holds some of my highest regard in terms of spontaneous absolute killer musicians. Half of these musicians sound better than platinum-selling artists
  • You’ll immediately be able to tell why Nashville, Tennessee is on the list of fun places to go on Vacation when you see it
  • Head on down to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. As I said if you are into music, it doesn’t get much better than Nashville
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Madison, Wisconsin
  1. Madison, Wisconsin
  • This city holds many great memories for me, the first recommendation I can give you about Madison is to visit the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. This is a very serene and pleasant area to spend some tranquil time
  • Frank Lloyd Wright has some wonderful creations sitting here in Madison, Wisconsin. Two of my favorites are the Taliesin Estate and the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center
  • If you can appreciate Earth’s physical structure and substance, the University of Wisconsin: Arboretum and Geology Museum will intrigue you to no end
  • If you can make it, on the outskirts of Western Madison lies a place called The House on the Rock. I would highly recommend visiting this unique creation
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Fun places to go on vacation in the United States
  1. Amarillo, Texas
  • First off in Amarillo, we have to start with Cadillac Ranch, this place is so creative and interesting. I would classify this as a must-see
  • This I would rank even higher than Cadilac Ranch and it is called The Palo Duro Canyon State Park. One of Earth’s wonderful marvels
  • Even if you aren’t into aviation, The Texas Air & Space Museum had me captivated very quickly. Trust me, even if it doesn’t sound wonderful, you should still visit
  • A last favorite of mine on the fun places to go on vacation for Amarillo would be the RV museum. I’m biased because I find RVs very interesting. However, I still believe it has so a lot of merits to people who do not already find RVs interesting and you would enjoy it
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Miami, Florida
  1. Miami, Florida
  • Beaches, go along the coast of Miami, and live it up! This is my first and highest recommendation with visiting Miami. I cannot put into words how phenomenal this experience will be. While you are traveling around the coast, go anywhere that looks exciting and makes you fascinated.
  • My second recommendation would be to visit Tony Goldman’s outside art gallery at Wynwood Walls. This is an outdoor museum of art, you will love it
  • Visit the Everglades National Park. This is a monumental area on the planet alone, though I do warn you, be careful of the wildlife
  • One of my favorite experiences in Miami was renting a bicycle and just riding around the beach. Try it out if you have some time
  • While you are in Miami, visit Key West. Heck, visit all the Keys! This may be the only time you are ever in Miami, remember that
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Boulder, Colorado
  1. Boulder, Colorado
  • If you love hiking, you will love Boulder, Colorado. When you are in Boulder, check out The Boulder Canyon Trail, words cannot capture the beauty of this trial
  • Another favorite of mine in Boulder is Chautauqua Park. A very environmentally beautiful area but in Boulder, it’s difficult to find an area that isn’t gorgeous
  • If you want to see a magical waterfall, head towards Boulder Falls. Don’t forget to take some amazing photos while you are there
  • Another beautiful trail in Boulder is the Royal Arch Trail. After pursuing this trail, you will want to move to Colorado immediately. You won’t believe how mesmerizing it is until you are really there
  • Boulder in my opinion has to be number one on my choices of fun places to go on vacation. At least right now, my favorites may change in the future. Go to Boulder, Colorado at some point in your life
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