Top 5 secret places in Bali

Welcome to a list of some of the most incredible and hidden places in all of Bali. If you plan on traveling or moving to Bali, you are going to be obsessed with some of these hidden gems

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Top 5 secret things in Bali

5. Jemeluk Underwater Temple

  • You’ve read that correctly, this is an underwater temple meaning you will need to have sufficient scuba diving gear to really explore this elegant area
  • Though you may need scuba diving gear, in my honest opinion, it’s incredibly worth it
  • What you will find down here will remain in your memory forever, you are going to have an absolute blast of a time over here
  • To me, Jemeluk deserved an automatic spot on the list of top 5 secret places in Bali simply because this place is underwater… How many people could possibly know about it?
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Top 5 secret things in Bali

4. Tegal Wangi beach cave

  • Not only is this place one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet… it includes a not-so-obsolescent cave
  • Personally, this may just be my favorite spot on the list, beaches, and caves… what else to life is there?
  • Another fabulous thing about this place is since most people don’t know about it, when you arrive you can assume this place will be anything except crowded
  • My favorite time to come here is during sunset, you will be blown away by the mere perspective of the sunset
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Top 5 secret things in Bali

3. Taman Festival Abandoned Theme Park

  • On top of this marvelous abandoned theme park, as a side note: You can find a lot of abandoned aircraft throughout the extensive Bali wilderness
  • If you are a person that enjoys scary areas, you are going to love this place. Though beware, during the night… this place can get scary in an otherworldly manner
  • This place was home to the world’s first fully inverted roller coaster
  • This theme park ultimately closed because of not only the Thai currency crashing but lightning crashing on their 5 million dollar laser equipment. They were forced to close in 2000
  • The Taman Festival Abandoned Theme Park suits well for the top 5 secret places in Bali 
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Top 5 secret things in Bali

2. Munduk

  • Behold one of my rarest and most elegant waterfalls on the planet
  • This is not only a phenomenal spot to view an astonishing waterfall but you may be quite thrilled to hear that this spot is nearly empty. Particularly when compared to actual tourist areas, so come on over, you won’t regret it!
  • In my opinion, Munduk deserves a spot on the top 5 secret places in Bali considering it’s a totally hidden waterfall 
  • This territory is going to make your brain explode with ecstasy, especially if you decide to come here either during sunrise or sunset
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1. Lahangan Sweet Viewpoint

  • This may not be the most hidden area on the planet but you can bet your butt off that it is one of the most beautiful areas on the entire planet… All the while attracting a very humble crowd 
  • This is another place that I would recommend you visit it during sunrise or sunset… It will be a monumentally spectacular experience
  • Let’s just say that the view that you’re going to experience here… will be remembered forever. You will want to take your entire family to this place after you leave
  • As far as the top 5 secret places in Bali The Lahangan Sweet Viewpoint is the best secretive spot anywhere around Bali 
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