Top 10 places for a biking vacation in Pennsylvania   

Today I am going to tell you about my 10 favorite biking vacation spots

If you are looking for the top 10 places to bike in Pennsylvania, look no further

You are going to love this list if you enjoy biking

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Biking vacation
  1. Great Alleghany Passage Trail
  • The Great Alleghany Passage goes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Cumberland, Maryland.
  • The total mileage of this trail one way is about 150 miles
  • This bicycle trail (at the right time) is one of the greatest bicycle experiences I’ve had to date
  • Most of the time I would bicycle sections of the trail, years later I did the entire trail. The feeling once conquering this vigorous adventure was that of a space explorer reaching the surface of an untouched planet.
  • As a biking vacation spot, I had no choice to add this beautiful 150-mile trail
  • If you’re pretty experienced you can expect to do this in 3+ days
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Biking vacation
  1. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath Trail
  • This trail goes from Cumberland, Maryland to Washington, DC
  • If you want to make for a larger bicycle trip, you can continue from or towards the Great Alleghany Passage. This would add an additional whopping 150 miles to your adventure
  • This is absolutely one of the most stunning trails you’ll ever find. I personally found it unbelievable, but remember to try to go here when the rain is quite a distance away. If it’s rained relatively recently, portions of this trail will be quite a bit less than fabulous
  • On average it takes most people at least 5 days to bicycle to C & O Canal Towpath
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  1. Blairsville Riverfront Trail
  • This is a wonderful relaxing trail for the pure enjoyment of the surrounding nature
  • Take a day where you don’t want to race or worry about things to dedicate to this gorgeous trail
  • The address to this sweet scenic ride is Blairsville River Trail, Blairsville, PA 15717
  • This will be the shortest trail on the list at a whopping 1.7 miles long so you can expect to do this in under an hour round-trip
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Enjoy the ride
  1. Ghost Town Trail
  • This trail will surprise you with the possibilities. You can see many wonderful sights on this trail and I don’t just mean the direct environments. You’ll be able to check out a few wonderful historic areas 
  • The Ghost Town Trail would be perfect for a biking vacation
  • The Ghost Town Trail starting point is at 424 Prave Street, Ebensburg, PA 15931 or 1284 Old Indiana Road, Blairsville, PA 15717 depending on which direction you want to go
  • The length of this trail is 36 miles one way
  • Give yourself a long time for this trail especially if you’re doing it round-trip
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Beautiful road
  1. Pike 2 Bike Trail
  • This trail features one of the only abandoned turnpikes on the planet
  • The Pike 2 Bike Trail is perfect when you don’t want to do an insane amount of miles and want to take a peek at a piece of history
  • The trail is a bit over 8 miles long so you don’t have to spend a century finishing it
  • This is a lovely ride, especially if you’re into things that are abandoned
  • The location of the Pike 2 Bike trail is 3300-, 3346 Pump Station Rd, Waterfall, PA 16689
  • Give yourself about an hour and a half+ for this trail
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Paw Paw Tunnel bike vacation
  1. Paw Paw Tunnel Trail
  • This is a section of the Great Alleghany Passage, one of my absolute favorites
  • If you want to just do a part of the Alleghany Passage, I would highly recommend The Paw Paw section
  • This amazing trail is a little over 6 miles
  • By the title, I’m sure you understand there’s a tunnel on this trail but it’s not just an ordinary tunnel. This is one of the most beautiful tunnels on Earth!
  • You can find the Paw Paw Tunnel Trail at Towpath, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Oldtown, MD 21555
  • Give yourself at least an hour or two for this trail
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Deer on a trail
  1. The Lower Trail
  • I always call this the chicken trail since you’re nearly guaranteed to see some chickens on this trail. Don’t worry they’re very friendly and will happily take any food you have
  • This is a very nice and overall casual flat ride. This trail is great for family riding, relaxation, or a nice boost in momentum
  • The Lower Trail is roughly 16 miles along
  • You can find the trail at Beaver Dam Road & Flowing Springs Road (Williamsburg)
  • You can expect this ride to take at least a few hours especially if you’re going round-trip
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Beautiful trail
  1. Raystown Mountain Bike Skills Park Trails
  • I had to put at least one mountain bike trail in here
  • This is great not just because it has phenomenal hardcore mountain bike sections but it also has very beginner courses you could use many normal bikes on
  • I would very much encourage you to at least check this amazing place out
  • There are quite a few trails so they vary in size from very short to pretty short. Be wary about trying too hard trails if you’re not on a mountain bike or inexperienced
  • You can find The Raystown Mountain Bike Skills Park Trails at 6993 Seven Points Rd, Hesston, PA 16647
  • You can expect to spend from 10 minutes to all week in this area
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  1. Big Savage Tunnel to Mount Savage Trail
  • Yes, yes, this is another part of the Great Alleghany Passage
  • This section of the trail is such an absolute hot spot
  • On this wonderful trail, you’ll pass the Mason Dixon line which is the section between Pennsylvania and Maryland
  • This ride is a bit over 5 miles of absolute bliss
  • Take some photos to send to family & friends
  • You can find the Big Savage Tunnel at Great Allegheny Passage, Meyersdale, PA 15552
  • You can expect to spend at least about an hour on this trip
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Wonderful time bicycling
  1. The Delaware & Lehigh Trail
  • This will be one of the best trails you most likely have ever been on
  • Don’t sleep on this little marvel. 
  • This elegant trail is a little bit over 140 miles of absolute wonder
  • You’ll build many beautiful and lasting memories on this trail, especially if you do the entire escapade!
  • You can find The Delaware and Lehigh Trail at Bristol Lions Park (100 Basin Park, Bristol, Pennsylvania)
  • For a biking vacation trail, The D&L will bring you immense bang for your buck
  • You can expect this trail to take a plethora of hours, especially when doing the entire thing round-trip
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  • If you’re going to be traveling soon, check this out
  • Always remember to enjoy each moment for after 1 second the moment is gone
  • Lastly, If you know any phenomenal biking vacation spots, leave a comment below because I would LOVE to hear it!