Top 20 travel products you must obtain before traveling in 2022

This is a list compiled of some of the best travel products I’ve ever seen for traveling

20. I sometimes wonder where I’d be without this amazing travel case. Fit quite a larger than expected amount of objects in this to remember while traveling.
This can even be used as a cable organizer, there are small pockets for memory cards. One of my favorite things about this is that it’s totally waterproof. This bag blew me away with how much I am able to carry in it.

19. This little baby comes in handy when you get a little wet or you’re near water and want to go swimming. Truth be told, this can be used in a wide array of situations. This beautiful blanket is waterproof AND puncture-proof. You can utilize the corners using objects like camping stakes. If you like beaches, you may want to go here.

18. Who could possibly go traveling without a Lifestraw? I remember when I thought I could go without a filtration device… Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty This amazing device filters water to an extraordinary level, no matter where you are. You know what they say, plan for the worst. It’s always better to be prepared.

17. At first I thought this pouch was going to be too big but oh my goodness is it such a well-used item now. This is actually the perfect size for things like your passport, important papers, and cash. Of course, it’s water-resistant but did you know this bag is protected against radio frequency technology? I didn’t think so! This pouch is so slim that it’s basically invisible to pickpockets.

16. A power bank is non-negotiable, this besides being a must-have will give you peace of mind that in case your lifeline (phone) does die which will happen. You will be astonished and saved. This power bank will also last a very long time considering it has a large capacity of 20,000mAh. It’s also packed with twin USB ports so you can charge two things at the same time!

15. Speaking of travel products… I wasn’t always a rain jacket kind of guy but once you get completely smashed during a downpour… You happen to learn very important life lessons. On top of overall practicality, it’s quite stylish as well.

14. Similar to the rain jacket… This is just a tad bit even more important than the raincoat, without an umbrella you will be in some trouble needless to say. Usually, umbrellas fall apart so easily… Thank goodness I finally found a tougher than a tower of cards umbrella. This thing can handle very tough winds.

13. This makes your life much easier when it comes to figuring out package weight for the airplane. This utilizes LBs, KGs, and even stones. Don’t act like me and make the mistake of being ill-prepared for a beautiful flight.

12. Everyone needs a mug and this mug is unbeatable for the $20 price point. It auto seals, can you believe that? It’s easy to clean and IT LOCKS! 100% BPA-free.

11. Once you get this you won’t have to worry about WiFi connections any longer. Adds WiFi ranges up to 1,000 square feet and utilizes impeccable speed. Utterly simple to set up!

10. If you want to look nice or work while traveling this is an ABSOLUTE must-have! This travel steamer has a total spill-proof design and comes with an elegant travel bag. Also comes with an extra-long cord for extra convenience. This steamer is incredibly welcoming to all fabrics.

9. Writing down your traveling memories at the exact moment of is… Priceless. This notebook includes a whopping 720 pages of absolute bliss. The page quality is unheard of, simply brilliant. This also makes a wonderful travel gift.

8. Give yourself some peace of mind and lock your luggage. This lock is best for backpacks, briefcases, bags, and luggage. Totally TSA accepted and VERY easy to use!

7. At first I thought this was too good to be true.. It feels phenomenal. One attempt and you’re going to immediately fall in love, especially when using it while traveling. The charging dock is even magnetic and comes with an elegant travel case. Obviously, this beautiful item is completely waterproof.

6. With this your drinks will always stay cold or hot along with an exquisite piece of art attached. This is one of the most portable tumblers I’ve ever witnessed. It’s a very compact 16oz piece of insulating wonder.

5. I don’t know about you but I’m so bad when it comes to organizing electric cables and this totally fixed my issue. I specifically use this for electronics. This is totally waterproof and the design makes it very easy to know where and what you can store in each little compartment. The double-layer design is so comforting.

4. At this point you’re probably wondering how obsessive I am when it comes to mugs… I’m asking you to take 3 mug travel products, just kidding! I know, pick your favorite! 🙂 This beautiful little mug is a wonderful 14oz bundle of joy. The real bonus with this mug is that no matter how cold or hot the substance in this mug is, you won’t feel it in your hands.

3. The much-needed pillow.. and trust me, it’s a lot easier to use than it looks. For storing you can attach it to your backpack, or outside of your luggage. This baby only weighs half a pound! I cannot say enough about the wonderful feeling of this pillow, IT IS SO SOFT!

2. In terms of travel products, this is my all-time favorite backpack, I could write a book on how good this backpack is. It’s very large for its size and totally lockable. This comes with a great detachable daypack. The zippers are made with such an immensely tough and well-made design. It has a wonderful laptop/tablet specified sleeve. This backpack even has a scratch-free pocket for sunglasses or electronic devices.

1. The most important item on this list in my opinion… Is the much-needed travel adapter set. I would have crashed and burned a long time ago if it wasn’t for this! Whether you’re going to Asia, Europe, Australia, Japan, or even the United States, your electronics will have transcended to a beautiful universe with this phenomenal item. This even includes a USB and a USB-C to charge items.

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