Top 10 tips for first time flyers in 2022

Today I’m going to tell you a few tips for first time flyers

Hopefully, these tips will completely revolutionize your flying experience

Tips for first time flyers
  1. Videos
  • Watch videos of people flying in order to prepare yourself
  • This will tune your brain into transcending towards a flying mindset
  • One of my largest tips for first time flyers is to get used to the act of flying as much as you can before you actually fly. This will ease your psyche into flying even before you fly
  • At first, you may be wary of this option. However just try it, you may be surprised at the results
Tips for first time flyers
  1. Mentality
  • Ask yourself why you’re fearful of flying
  • I’m not asking you to get metaphysically deep here and completely understand your psyche. What is on the surface of flying that has you worried?
  • Once you figure out this reason(s) you can then think about and write down solutions
  • The first time you ever fly… I can tell you that it is going to be a very scary and exciting activity. 
  • Remember you only fly for the first time once, make it count, try to enjoy and live in the moment at every second of the overall experience
Tips for first time flyers
  1. Tickets
  • Buy your tickets online, it makes the flying process a lot easier
  • Along with your phone, bring an external battery in case your phone dies for extra protection. This will also help your confidence tremendously
  • One of my biggest tips for first time flyers is to remember that after the first time flying, everything dealing with flying becomes significantly easier
  • You’ll get an electronic ticket and the airport crew will be able to easily scan your e-ticket 
  • If you’re really worried about your phone potential not working or something else happening… You could print the ticket out as a backup insurance policy
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Flying in an airplane
  1. Baggage
  • Figure out how many bags you’re going to need
  • If you’re only traveling with one bag, try to limit all items that are banned at airports so that you can use the bag as a carry-on. If your bag is enormous, just assume you’re going to have to check the bag. I’ve run into the scenario many times… If you’re forced to check a bag without planning it you’re going to pay a lot more in most cases
  • You could practice by weighing the bag and if you want to go the extra mile… You could go to a nearby airport and see if you’ll be able to use the bag as carry-on
  • A large skill you’ll learn the more you pack your bags is you barely need the number of things that you bring. The rule is to always bring less than you think you need. Try not to stress too much about this at the beginning though, you’ll get marvelous at this activity over time.
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Flying stunningly
  1. Timing
  • Go to the airport way earlier than you think you have to
  • Yes that means coming to the airport 2 hours+ early
  • You never know how you’re going to deal with looking for and navigating the gates
  • Airports vary in how long it will take you to navigate through the different gates to find yours. Some are very close and some are what seems to be 20 miles away
  • This is by far one of the most important concepts on the list, remember to be very, very early
Don't be scared, gain confidence
  1. Food / Drinks
  • Make sure you bring snack bars for the plane ride 
  • This will not only give you wonderful sustenance. This will also soften the blow to the wallet in the long run. 
  • You could even keep a snack bar or two for after the plane ride in case you get hungry which is inevitable
  • Bring an empty water bottle and after you get through airport security fill it up. This way you’ll never go thirsty on your trip, on top of saving more money
  • Remember, you will get hungry. Just because you’re not hungry right now doesn’t mean you won’t be 5 minutes from now
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  1. Clothing
  • You would be surprised at how many people overlook this
  • Are you going to be in a different climate? Dress accordingly and not only that, bring at least 1 article of clothing that is a little heavier, just in case, then you have it.
  • As tips for first time flyers go, this can make or break your trip. Make sure to bring things like umbrellas, and clothing for potential warmer or colder temperatures. 
  • One time I was going to Italy, I assumed it was going to be a cozy and comfortable temperature. Turned out I absolutely froze because I didn’t bring the 1 extra article of heavier clothing…
  • Learn from my mistakes; if you’re going to a warmer climate, bring at least 1 additional heavy piece of clothing. 
Airplane hangar
  1. Seating
  • Try to buy your ticket early that way you can choose nearly any seat on the plane that you want. This way you’ll be able to get that precious window seat or an aisle seat if you want
  • Seating can revolutionize the airplane experience. I for one adore the window seat, it will most likely always be my favorite seat. 
  • Try to figure out where your seating is in accordance with where the nearest bathroom is. This way you’ll already have the bathroom figured out, adding to your flying confidence
  • Remember that in many ways flying will probably not be the most comfortable experience in your life in terms of legroom. Wear comfortable clothing for the trip around the planet and try to be cordial to your flight mates
  • If you can try to talk to people and get tips before you even land at your destination
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Tips for first time flyers
  1. Supplies
  • Please don’t forget your passport or identification material
  • Make a checklist and right before you leave for the airport make sure you have everything. Check off everything directly before you leave and I don’t mean 10 minutes before you leave
  • You would be surprised at how often this happens, don’t make the mistake of assuming it cannot happen to you. 
  • Have some sort of identification tag on each piece of luggage you plan on bringing. This way if your bags get lost you have a higher percentage chance of obtaining them again
  • Remember, without some of your essential supplies… You will be at a massive disadvantage. Tell yourself this over and over again, ingrain it into your memory
Flying in an airplane
  1. Changes
  • Sometimes there are changes in flights and this happens quite often
  • Constantly listen and look at the electronic boards for your flight
  • Have your flight and all the according numbers nearly memorized. Any time you hear anything remotely close to your flight check it intently
  • Look around you if people suddenly move, don’t be afraid to talk to other people and see if they’re going to be on the same flight. In my years of flying, I’ve had a lot of wonderful people help me out 
  • Try to avoid being on your phone or doing any other extracurricular activities during the minutes before your flight. Your focus and attention need to be on high alert.