Top Ten places to visit for Christmas in the United States! (+1 outside)

10. Blue Ridge, Georgia. 

Georgia, Blue Ridge

This gorgeous little town has the one and only Santa express! This is a train that has Santa and Misses Clause in a special Christmas caboose. On top of the immediate memory, all kids will receive a blue ridge sleigh bell along with a marvelous little candy cane! 

If you make it to Blue Ridge, don’t forget to visit the Holidaze Christmas markets which will be on Dunbarton Farm Road

9. Woodstock, Vermont

Vermont Christmas

This place has quite a captivating environment. Going to Woodstock requires you to see the Christmas parade which is held from the 10th of December to the 12th. There are many stores along with candle dipping! Who doesn’t love to dip their candles in an assortment of goodies? 

If you get bored at all during your trip to Woodstock you can take a marvelous trip from a horse on a wagon tour! 

8. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Christmas in New Hampshire

This town is simply decadent. If you’re an early bird, you can witness the lighting of the tree on December 4th in Market Square. Wentworth by the sea has wonderful food and beautiful views.

If you’re feeling a little froggy Portsmouth has its own symphony orchestra and watching them play might just blow your little socks off.  

Along with the Gingerbread house contest, my personal favorite thing to do in Portsmouth is to go ice skating on the elegant puddle duck pond.

7. North Pole, Alaska

Beautiful Alaskan environment

If you ever find yourself in the town of North Pole in Alaska, it would be an absolute tragedy if you didn’t visit the one and only Santa Claus house!

6. Santa Claus, Indiana 

Indiana Christmas

The first thing you must do is take pictures of the Santa Claus signs as proof to your friends and family that this beautiful little place actually exists! 

You must try to make it out to the Santa Claus land of lights which lasts up until December 27th every single day from 5 pm – 9 pm

5. Bernville, Pennsylvania

Christmas in Pennsylvania

The thing to do in Bernville, Pennsylvania is to visit the magnificent Koziar’s Christmas village! If you’re traveling, you may want one of these wonderful little objects.

4. Jackson hole, Wyoming

Jackson hole, Wyoming during Christmas

One of the coolest experiences in Jackson Hole is a horse-drawn sleigh ride through a national elk refuge. I don’t even have to sell you on that one, you’re already dreaming about it! 

If you’re in Jackson Hole in the wintertime you might as well visit the phenomenal Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Maybe you’ll even get to ski or snowboard with Santa! 

3. Taos, New Mexico

New Mexico

Taos is luxuriously splendid when it comes to arts and crafts here. In fact, they even have arts and crafts FAIR. Jewelry, sculptures, paintings, everything dealing with arts and crafts will be here. 

If you’re here you better visit the Bonfires on Bent Street on December 14th. That will be a memory you’ll forever have! 

There is also a Native American ceremonial dance that you’ll be flabbergasted by on Christmas day!

2. Aspen, Colorado

Colorado, Aspen

Aspen, Colorado, need I say more? This place has nearly everything on Christmas. Especially from December 20th to the 31st which are named the 12 days of Aspen. These 12 days of magnificence are filled with a variety of splendid events.

1. New York City, New York

New York Christmas

You’ve made it to numero uno, the number one pick on the list which is of course… New York City baby. This place has everything during Christmas. 

  • You’ll want to visit the amazing Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. 
  • The Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park
  • The New York Botanical Garden Glow (lasts until January 22nd!)
  • The Bronx Zoo’s light show
  • Dyker Heights holiday lights
  • Carnegie hall Christmas music on December 17th –
  • Riding around aimlessly in New York looking at the gorgeous Christmas lights
  • Central park lights
  • Holiday train show (at the Botanical garden)

+1 Grindelwald, Switzerland 

Grindelwald Switzerland

Here is a European favorite of mine, Grindelwald! This place is fantastically photogenic at every angle. Of course, being in Switzerland you can go skiing or snowboarding at many of the resorts in Grindelwald. 

Being in Switzerland you must try the Velogemel! Which is basically a bicycle sled!

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