Is it Safe to Travel to France in 2022?

Today we’ll go through some options and see if it is safe to travel to France in 2022

I will also list some very-needed items for your agenda before traveling to France

Is it safe to travel to France?

The current covid-19 situation in France

  • As of writing this, the 7-day average number of covid cases in France is 49,000
  • Let’s compare the current 7-day average with a few months ago, it was over 350,000
  • That is a large difference isn’t it? Will it improve even more? Maybe, but I can definitively tell you that I cannot predict the future. It could go up or down in the future.
  • As of writing this France also just suspended the requirement of the Covid-19 vaccine
  • At maximum, it seems you’re able to travel into France if you’re vaccinated or pass a Covid-19 test prior to traveling
  • There is a vaccination pass in France and this is needed to join in a few of the festivities that France holds. To get a vaccination pass, you will need to either show proof of Covid-free test, be vaccinated, or a certificate of medical reasoning behind why you cannot get vaccinated. By the time you’re reading this, you may not even need this
  • It’s looking as though you can very well make it into France, however, that doesn’t answer the question “Is it safe to travel to France?” So let’s talk more about the safety aspect…
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The average price for a round-trip ticket to France


Safety in France

  • If you’re much older than most of the population or have comorbidities you may not want to travel at the moment. However, this decision is totally up to you.
  • If you aren’t much older than a lot of the population it doesn’t seem completely concerning enough to stop living your best possible life. Of course, this opinion will vary but I’m giving you my personal opinion here. If one of your wildest dreams is to visit France, one must do what the heart tells you to do sometimes.
  • No matter what, during an epidemic, you’re only going to have so much safety at any time. It’s going to be dangerous no matter what or where you are. Unless of course, you’re by yourself in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness… Then you could run into larger issues than Covid-19
  • Is it safe to travel to France in 2022? Well so far this is going to depend on your views on the data that you have been presented with so far
  • Let’s talk about my much more personal opinions on traveling to France right now
Is it safe to travel to France?

My personal and non-professional opinion

If you absolutely want to travel to France, do it! France has been one of the most outstanding countries I have been to

  • France is home to one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, Paris! The history, architecture, and immediate stunning presence of Paris cannot be stated enough.
  • The food in France, particularly the stereotypical bread is… Out of this world! It’s also a lot cheaper than you would imagine. Just imagine yourself drinking some fabulous wine with a side of French cheese… I would travel to France just for the food
  • French in terms of the language sounds so beautiful. The feeling and emotions of walking around listening to everyone around you speak French is something everyone should experience at some point in their existence
  • Just a little FYI, there are many places other than Paris to travel to in France. My personal favorite place in France is Nice. (Yes there is a place in France called Nice) It’s pronounced niece. Bordeaux is another marvel to really dive into. The fact is that I could name so many brilliant places that you may enjoy three hundred times more than you would Paris. The point here is to explore, get lost in France, meet locals everywhere you go, and make the best memories of your life!
  • It would be difficult for me not to tell you to go travel because I know the reality behind how traveling captivates the soul. If you need it, you need it, go get it!
Is it safe to travel to France?

France travel tips

  • Be on the defense, especially when in tourist areas. Particularly when it comes to pickpockets and potential scams. Remember that the scams that work the most do not seem like scams. Whenever random people ask you to do anything… Be very wary
  • Do not show lots of money or expensive items including your wallet directly in public
  • Try to keep your passport with you at all times, no matter what.
  • Don’t forget the correct charging adapters or else you’ll pay an immense amount of money for them
  • Try to memorize common French sayings. For example:
  • How are you? (Comment Allez-Vous?) 
  • How much? (C’est Combien)
  • Excuse me (Excusez Moi)
  • Hello (Bonjour)
  • Do you speak English? (Parle Vous Anglais)
  • Welcome (Bienvenue)  
  • When you have shown that you know a little bit of French, people tend to tremendously open up to you. People will undoubtedly appreciate the effort you exude with your beautiful newfound French discourse. 
  • In France, the emergency number to dial is 112
  • You absolutely must order some French wine along with some French cheese while you’re in the home of the Eiffel tower. Which you should also visit but I’m sure that’s already on your to-do list
  • I would highly recommend not just going in Notre Dame but sitting on the flower benches in front of Notre Dame. Relax, people watch and live in the moment
  • Explore the outside of the major tourist spots, especially the major cities. Go towards the cities that have a near 100% local population and get lost
  • The answer is no, you do not have to kiss everyone you meet. Just shake hands, that will be enough, I promise you
  • I want to tell you two last things, make sure to ask for the bill considering they may not give it to you for many hours. Explore the local markets and attempt to make some amazing refreshments yourself.