Top 10 fun travel destinations for couples

Today we’ll talk about some of the absolute coolest travel destinations for couples 

If you have any ideas for unique travel destinations that I haven’t listed below, feel free to post a comment

I have decided to include a few unknown areas, cities many people across the world do not currently know of in order to spice it up

fun travel destinations for couples

Maui, Hawaii

  • One of the greatest short-term destinations for couples in my opinion is definitely Maui
  • This place is off the chain when it comes to the overall stereotypical Hawaii type of scenery and vibrations
  • Hawaii will always be one of my favorite areas on the planet mostly because of the clear, warm ocean water and potentially the best beaches in the world
  • Here you can swim with dolphins and see one of the most heart hitting sights possible which is the first time you ever see a whale
  • Maui has no choice but to be on my list of fun travel destinations for couples considering how absolutely elegant it is
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fun travel destinations for couples

Pula, Croatia

  • This is one of the first mostly unknown areas across the planet that I would highly recommend visiting
  • If you are into beaches with a side of unbelievable history, Pula, Croatia is definitely the spot for you
  • Pula has one of the most exceptional Roman Amphitheaters in the world, and it is the pretty much the best in the world in terms of condition
  • Roman architecture next to the Adriatic Sea, sometimes falling in love is easy
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Norway beauty

Tromsø, Norway

  • I give you one of the best areas in the world to view one of the most mesmerizing things on the planet. The aurora borealis, the northern lights, a solar storm, or the polar lights. Try to come to Tromsø at least once in your life if not on this trip
  • You will obsess over this city, especially if you leave. 
  • This city is an absolute marvel, it has so much more than just the northern lights. Amazing mountains, bridges, the views at night with the earth-shattering night-lights in combination with the overall city
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Go to Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • If you are interested in places that are unlike most of the world, Amsterdam fits the requirements by far
  • The first time I ever went to Amsterdam, it was a million times better than I anticipated
  • I must warn you that running around this city will force you to have strikingly different beliefs than you did prior to visiting Amsterdam
  • This city opens up people to many different ideologies. You may go there a Protestant and come back a Catholic, okay maybe not but I think you are catching what I’m throwing 
  • You will have a lovely time in Amsterdam, enjoy it while you are there, it’s a breath of fresh air
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fun travel destinations for couples

Cancún, Mexico

  • You may have seen this one coming, Cancún is just too fabulous to leave off this list of fun travel destinations for couples
  • Cancún is a perfect getaway for couples who want a break from existence and needs some relaxation time… Along with immersing themselves in the absolute beauty that the world has to offer
  • The average annual water temperature in Cancún is a whopping 82 degrees Farenheight. Who can argue with this swimming temperature, 24/7 hot tub anyone?
  • One thing you may not have known about Cancún is that they have an especially massive collection of Mayan artifacts. If you are interested in Mayan history or history at all Cancún may appeal to you just a tad bit more
  • You can also find the world’s largest underwater cave structure directly beside Cancún 
  • All-in-all you cannot go wrong with Cancún… It’s simply fabulous
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GO for your dreams

Palm Beach, Aruba

  • As far as beach cities go, Palm Beach is off the charts
  • I would classify Palm Beach as another relaxing city. However, don’t get me wrong here, things can get very wild over here in Aruba
  • Just listening to the name has you intrigued, doesn’t it? Take a trip here someday, I would very much recommend it
  • This is definitely one of the most child-friendly places on this list so if you are bringing little ones with you, this would be a fantastic option
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Sardegna, Italy is out of this world

Sardegna, Italy

  • The first time I have ever really heard of Sardegna was from a couple that was traveling there. I was immediately hooked by how they talked about it
  • To call Sardegna beautiful would be a vast understatement, the mountains, the houses, the water, and the beaches…
  • Sardegna is one of the 5 blue zones on the planet. This means the people in Sardegna have one of the longest life expectancies in the world. This place has the most 100+-year-olds of all time
  • The highest mountain is over 6,000 feet, there are lots of sheep, and phenomenal beaches. What else could you want? 
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Romantic wonderland

Casablanca, Morocco

  • If the movie resonates with you, this is a trip you absolutely must take
  • The actual area of Casablanca is marvelous, there’s quite a lot to do here if you are into events. Music and party wise
  • As far as area-specific things you can do, you can go on a camel tour, visit Marrakech, go see the Hassan Mosque… Which I highly recommend, it’s an unbelievable sight to see in person. It is also the largest mosque in all of Africa and the 5th largest mosque on the planet
  • The entire city of Casablance was abandoned because of the earthquake of 1755. Don’t worry now though because it has thankfully beautifully recovered 
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fun travel destinations for couples

Vancouver Island, Canada

  • This is the one place on the list I wish more people knew about. If you love nature, this is an unbelievable area to be in
  • The way I think of Vancouver Island is a mini Alaskan Island, it fits the environment at a near-perfect rate
  • Vancouver Island has fantastic uncrowded beaches, a monumental surfing atmosphere, and a pretty insane area to watch storms
  • Vancouver Island has been ranked among one of the best places to live on the planet. When you spend some time on the island you will understand hastily
  • I had no choice but to put Vancouver Island, Canada on my list of fun travel destinations for couples because of the wide range of lifestyles you can have here. I think this should be a definite travel destination at some point and potentially a living destination if you find it enjoyable to that degree
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fun travel destinations for couples

Valencia, Spain

  • I could go on and on about many of the cities in Spain. However, specific towards fun travel destinations for couples, I have to throw this event to Valencia.
  • It truly is a gift to go through this city. The vibrations, the aura, the smells, and the immense person-to-person experiences you receive here are otherworldly
  • Out of all the cities on this list, If I were to bet on your future enjoyment with just one of these cities… I would probably go with Valencia, Spain at least 9/10 times.
  • The beaches are so unique, the architecture is so unique, the people are so unique… This city encapsulates a specific sense of uniqueness that I haven’t found in many other places on the planet 
  • For the history buffs out there, Valencia was founded by The Romans. You can expect some gorgeous monuments along with intrinsic historically relevant information
  • The largest market in the entirety of Europe… It lives in Valencia
  • Seriously… This place radiates absolute elegance, the place is outstanding in almost every single kind of way. I highly encourage you to come to Valencia, Spain at some point in your life
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