Top 10 destinations in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Today I’ll tell you some wonderful and little-known spots in a special town called Harpers Ferry. I magically found this quaint little town while jumping for joy on the Appalachian Trail. As you’ll find out I was pleasantly surprised from the first moment my eyes touched base with this magical marvel. 

My personal favorite restaurant in town: Kelley Farm Kitchen

Covid: Most buildings are open at the moment of writing this (2022)

My favorite season to visit Harpers Ferry: The fall

Harpers Ferry bridge
  1. Bridges
  • Harpers Ferry astonished me immediately when I noticed these beautiful old train bridges alongside some quite marvelous mountains
  • A grand old Harpers Ferry hike is required for this one but it’s not too bad.
  • It’s also worth it, just head towards the South East section of Harpers Ferry to find these amazing railroad bridges.
  • There are quite a few amazing active railroads here to explore, check them out!
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Harpers ferry hike
  1. Trail Conservancy 
  • What would this list be without the Appalachain trail conservancy headquarters?
  • This historic area is basically a part of the Appalachian trail which we will get into later
  • You must visit this beautiful establishment if you care about trails and history
  • The amount of information inside is staggering. The unique maps and historic panels surprised me.
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Harpers Ferry public square
  1. Harpers Ferry Public Square
  • This is something you’ll most likely stumble into but if you don’t you must check it out
  • The Harpers Ferry Square is incredibly quirky and interesting
  • There are many landmarks, historical areas, monuments, and beautiful little eccentricities
  • If I could only go to one place in Harpers Ferry, this wouldn’t be it. However, it might be 2nd or 3rd
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The harper house
  1. The Harper House
  • Behold, this is the oldest building in Harpers Ferry
  • Robert Harper, the man that formed this city, also formed this building
  • Robert started crafting this masterpiece around 1775 and died while building it in 1782
  • Just wait until you catch a glimpse of this benevolent masterpiece. You’ll stare at it and the house will echo to you with its stories.
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St John's Church
  1.  St. John’s Church
  • This building is so old it’s in ruins
  • You must head out toward this building, it’s an absolute marvel
  • I stumbled on St. John’s Church accidentally and was obsessed immediately. You can feel the historic value in the air. 
  • This church was built in the 11th century! Okay, you got me, I’m kidding. It was built in the early 1850s
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Harpers Ferry Jefferson Rock
  1. Jefferson Rock
  • If you can appreciate mother nature, this spot is for you
  • This is one of the most beautiful views of the surrounding area
  • The hike to get to Jefferson Rock is very easy, I believe in you!
  • This will require a 5 minute Harpers Ferry hike in order to get to Jefferson Rock from the center of Harpers Ferry
  • This is a place in which you can experience a lot with a minimal amount of work in order to get to
  • By far the best time to visit the Jefferson Rock would be in the fall
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Harpers Ferry mountains
  1. Harpers Ferry station
  • I really enjoy sitting around the Harpers Ferry Station and just purely relaxing
  • Come unwind around here, people watch, train watch and enjoy yourself
  • Yes, you can even take a train to or from here!
  •  If you’re remotely into trains as much as I am, you’re going to be obsessed with this place.
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Harpers Ferry
  1. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
  • This is where everything is, well most of everything.
  • In the national park area, you get the views, the railroad tracks, the Potomac, and the Shenandoah River. 
  • The National Park area is located at the confluence of the 2 rivers (The Potomac and Shenandoah) 
  • For this Harpers Ferry hike, I would advise at least about an hour and a half to explore this specific realm of existence. 
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Harpers ferry hike towards Jefferson Rock
  1. The beautiful rivers
  • Sometimes it’s better to not worry about where to go next or what you’re potentially missing out on
  • I would recommend just walking along the Potomac and Shenandoah river banks
  • Get lost, go through the woods, view the beautiful rivers and how they combine to create this prodigious essence of greatness,
  • If you’re with someone explore with them and make some memorable encounters. 
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Famous harpers Ferry hike trail
  1. The Appalachian Trail
  • You knew it was coming, here it is! This is the place that allowed me to discover this beautiful little eccentricity
  • My absolute favorite section of the city is right here. This trail is a bucket list item, most of us do only portions of the trail at one time. If you feel like an animal breaking out of your cage, you could attempt the entire trail at one time!
  • The Appalachian Trail starts in a place by the name of Springer Mountain, Georgia, and ends in a place called Mount Katahdin, Maine
  • This will of course be the longest possible Harpers Ferry hike. The entire hike from Georgia to Maine will be over 2,100 miles! 
  • The average Appalachian Trail finish time is 5 to 7 months. So if you’re doing this, make sure you have some vacation days.
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  • If you have some unique stories about Harpers Ferry or know a section that isn’t on the list; leave a comment below. I would love to hear about it.