Top 15 cheap summer vacation essentials

  • These are some of the greatest and useful items for summer vacation travel. 
  • Most of these items could even be taken if you’re traveling for winter but are primarily for summer travel
  • Don’t forget to make a travel check-list so you don’t forget any of the necessities
  • Double check-list
  • Enjoy what will be an incredibly memory filled journey 😉
  1. Kikkerland World Map Travel-Size Laundry Bag
  • Price: ~$10
  • Features: Sefl explanatory laundry bag
  • Not a lot of people thinka bout bringing a Laundry bag on a travel trip.
  • For the longest time I was the same way until I met a fellow traveler that brought a laundry bag. One cannot believe how useful a laundry bag is while traveling until you think about it and try it. 
  1. Small Travel First Aid Kit
  • Price: ~$7       
  • Features: This is a 87 total piece set. It includes emergency camping, hiking and outdoor healing gear.
  • You can’t beat this deal with a stick! 87 first aid items in a wonderfully packaged kit for roughly $7!
  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed and used a first aid kit while traveling. 
  1. Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet
  • Price: ~$10 
  • Features: Holds important documents like your passport. 
  • Once you get used to using a passport wallet you won’t be able to stop.
  • These things are SO useful, particularly because you won’t forget where your passport is anymore! 
  1. 16 Pack Travel Bottles Set for Toiletries
  • Price: ~$13 
  • Features: This travel kit is leak proof, bpa free and TSA approved
  • I love acting like an organized person with this sweet toiletry travel set.
  • My favorite thing about this set is the ability to reuse everything. For example, no matter what shampoo or conditioner you prefer, you can dump it right on in!
  1. SkyGenius Compact Lightweight Binoculars
  • Price: ~$15 
  • Features: They are 8×21, miniature, folding, and have a fully coated lens
  • Traveling with binoculars is a total game changer
  • They improve almost every aspect of traveling
  • Have you ever looked at the moon with binoculars? You are missing out if you haven’t. 
  • You can use binoculars to view animals, the environment, as a fire starter, signal mirror and to discern the difference between a dog and a bear.
  • When you invert binoculars you can use them as a splinter spotter and for other viewing pleasures.
  1. Tide Travel Sink Packets
  • Price: ~$4 
  • Features: Easy way to clean clothes
  • These tide travel packets are phenomenal if you didn’t bring your portable washer.
  • I make A LOT of use out of these and for $4 why not?
  • Can you say summer vacation essentials? This is amazing for washing clothes.
  • You put your clothes in a sink, open a packet, throw it in and get to washing. 
  1.  Reusable Rubber Twist Ties
  • Price: ~$6 
  • Features: reusable and there are 4 in each pack.
  • I used normal twist ties before I found this little treasure. 
  • I enjoy the vibrant colors also as they make it incredibly easy to see.
  • These are kind of self explanatory but the list of uses for twist ties are totally endless. 
  • Some cool and uncommon uses are tying keys together, putting on cables, and temporary shower or curtain hooks. 
  • You can eve hang your Christmas ornaments with these or fasten plants in a garden
  1. TSA Approved Luggage Travel Lock
  • Price: ~$11 
  • Features: You can set your own combination, and they are TSA approved
  • I use these locks on everything now, they are very reasonably priced and best of all, TSA approved! 
  • You can lock anything you want and then when you want to travel they work perfectly for suitcases, backpacks, and lockers. 
  1. MLVOC Travel Pillow
  • Price: ~$22 
  • Features: 100% pure memory foam, sweat resistant, comes with eye mask and ear plugs
  • Don’t knock this amazing travel pillow until you try it, this this thing works WONDERS.
  • When a buddy recommended me this I was a little hesitant until I tried it. HOLY MOLY it’s comfortable, I couldn’t believe how easy I started sleeping in odd places after using this. 
  1. Mens Convenience Kit / Women’s convenience kit
  • Price: ~$9 – ~$18
  • Features: Deodorant, shavers, tooth brushes and tooth paste, combs, shave cream and other assorted goodies
  • These are your basic travel kits, I always make sure to take a travel kit. At first I mostly bought travel kits just for the incredibly useful bags they come with. Now I actually use the items inside, at least most of them. They have to be on any list of summer vacation essentials.
  1. Folding Travel Mirror
  • Price: ~$38 
  • Features: 72 LEDs, 3 different color light modes, USB rechargeable and has a touch screen
  • Okay, this one is getting on the not-so-cheap side, I totally understand! I HAD to include this amazing mirror because it’s priced relatively in the middle and it’s SO useful!
  • A mirror with a touch screen! I couldn’t believe it at first, it works wonders in a lot of different scenarios.
  • My favorite thing about this mirror is how easy it is to pack!
  1. Portable Stainless Steel Flatware Set
  • Price: ~$10   
  • Features: Flatware set comes with a waterproof case, can buy them in many different colors, high quality, and includes a lifetime warranty
  • I’ll be honest, I was sold when I seen the lifetime warranty 
  • One of the best items in my opinion, at least as far as summer vacation essentials go
  • This set of silverware astonished me considering it’s low price point. It seems SO much more high quality than the price that it is on sale for. 
  1. Asenlin 40L Travel Backpack
  • Price: ~$40   
  • Features: 3 main storage compartments, great laptop carrying section, laptops up to 17 inches, and explosion proof zipper 
  • Okay, here we go again with a more expensive item. I totally get it but I HAD to include one of my favorite backpacks in this!
  • This backpack is so incredibly useful and it’s even water resistant! 
  1. Anker Power Strip with USB
  • Price: ~$15   
  • Features: 3 outlets and 3 USB ports. 
  • This thing is unbelievable, I’m so glad it exists.
  • It’s so useful not only when you have multiple things to charge at the same time but when you meet other people that want things charged with a miniminal amount of available sockets.
  1. Touchless Thermometer
  • Price: ~$19   
  • Features:
  • Here we are with the last item on the list of summer vacation essentials. With the coronavirus and multiple variants flying around this can be an incredible item. 
  • One of the greatest uses of this in my opinion is just having the peace of mind that you are in good condition. Sometimes we can make ourselves crazy assuming we are sick when we aren’t. 
  • If you find out you are sick that is quite obviously useful as well though not as great for peace of mind.