Top 5 hikes and trails in Suriname

Welcome to my list of entirely astonishing hikes in Suriname, these places will touch your heart with a depth of serenity that you will have never felt before

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Suriname hiking

5. Mazaroni Top

  • This is a fairly easy hike that is 1.2 miles long. On average it will probably take you roughly half an hour to hike
  • If you like trails that are encapsulated in the forest, you will adore this elegant hiking trail
  • No matter your hiking or walking experience, I would highly recommend this trail to you
  • If you just want a relaxing hike without many people around, this will be a great experience for you in terms of tranquility
  • In terms of Suriname hiking, you cannot go wrong with Mazaroni Top
  • On this trail, once you get to the top you’ll be able to view an astonishing reservoir
  • My favorite thing about this trail is the absolute magnificence when it comes to the sunsets
Suriname hiking

4. Palulu Camping

  • Have no worries, this is not just a camp area but the nearby area is compiled of beautiful trails 
  • This place has everything when it comes to camping, beautiful views, an amazing forest, wonderful trees, a relaxing atmosphere, lots of chairs, and great fire pits
  • You can go swimming near here and there are many areas to hike
  • The number one comment dealing with this place is in how the area is complete when it comes to peacefulness
  • If you like relaxing in a hammock you will have so many options when it comes to Palulu
  • In my opinion, if a discussion takes place dealing with Suriname hiking, Palalu’s name has to arise. It is a wonderful spot with some great hikes closeby
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3. Central Suriname Nature Reserve

  • This is a conservation unit in Suriname in which the area is covered primarily by rainforest
  • There are many different animal species that live in this area, some of them include the giant armadillo, jaguar, unique birds, and many primates
  • The Nature Reserve also includes many substantial forms of rock and granite domes
  • There is also a lovely mountaintop you can clime that goes by the name of Julianatop which is the highest mountain in Suriname
  • When it comes to Suriname hiking, I would recommend the Central Suriname Nature Reserve simply because of how much it offers in terms of environment
Suriname hiking

2. Peperpot Nature Park

  • Between nature, animals, history, and overall vibrations this spot has everything
  • One of my highest recommendations when it comes to Peperpot Nature Park is to rent a bicycle and enjoy the beautiful wide road
  • If you choose to walk… I must warn you, for you will be walking many, many miles
  • If you are into monkeys, you may decide to set up camp and live here considering there are many amazing monkeys here
  • My number one favorite thing about this Nature Park if you haven’t already realized is the abundance of beautiful and everlasting wildlife
Suriname hiking

1. Brownsberg Nature Park

  • If you want to see a gorgeous waterfall, Brownsberg Nature Park has you covered. This place is filled with majestic and observable tranquilities
  • I must say without a doubt, it’s very possible that the mere act of visiting Brownsberg Nature Park will be a transcendent experience for you
  • Try to walk to the Mazaroni top so you can achieve a better look at the lake
  • You can expect to take around 2 hours in order to get to the waterfalls, so do not expect a brief hike
  • One hefty positive when it comes to the trail is how well it is marked, you won’t have any trouble at all when it comes to finding trail indicators
  • I chose Brownsberg Nature Park as my number 1 in terms of Suriname hiking on my list of top 5 hikes and trails in Suriname because, in my opinion, this one trail can single-handedly give you the full experience of Suriname life


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