Top 10 cheap flight websites for 2022

Today I’ll give you a quick description of the best cheap flight websites of all time!

Whether you’re looking for a flight for travel or to move somewhere else, this will hopefully be an absolute game-changer for you in terms of price-per-flight. 

Cheap flight websites
  1. Hopper
  • This is such a wonderful platform, you can look ahead of time to see prices in the future past the date you chose. This way you don’t have to waste time looking for what days are the cheapest
  • Hopper will be so good to you
  • Don’t forget to be careful what you click though, I’m not against travel insurance or any of the other options. However, if you don’t pay attention you can easily obtain a bunch of things that you wouldn’t otherwise want
  • Hopper also has a marvelous app, I absolutely adore the Hopper app. Its ease of use and classical design is unpassable
  • The Website
Cheap flight websites
  1. Jetradar
  • This website is very easy to use. Jetradar may actually be the easiest website to use on this entire list
  • Along with the ease of use, you can find hotels on Jetradar just as easy
  • So many people aren’t familiar with Jetradar which surprises me considering how many cheap flights you can find with ease on it
  • Jetradar specializes in flights and hotels. I don’t know about you but I love when a website specializes in as little as possible. This way there’s a higher chance of them knowing more about those specific specialties. 
  • Go check it out sometime 
  • The Website
Cheap flight websites
  1. Google Flights 
  • One of my favorite things about Google Flights is that it’ll show you cheap flights right out of the city of your choosing. Sometimes even out of any nearby airports
  • Google Flights is phenomenal if you don’t really know where you want to travel to considering it will give you some wonderful ideas
  • This platform lets you feel in control, you feel as if you gain the ability to go anywhere you want with a higher sense of confidence. If you don’t understand me, you will once you try it out
  • The Website
Airplanes rule the world
  1. Orbitz
  • The best thing about this website is that whatever you’re looking for, it probably has it
  • Orbitz has flights, car rentals, packages, hotels, and even cruises
  • This website is crushing it when it comes to offering the highest premium packages for the cheapest possible prices
  • One of the specialties of Orbitz is not only flights but resorts. If you’re into resorts, Orbitz is probably going to be your best bet
  • What are you waiting for? Go check it out!
  • The Website
Cheap airplane flights
  1. Expedia
  • Chances are you may have heard of Expedia, they can be quite phenomenal in terms of flight deals. Sometimes you really have to look but gold is worth finding isn’t it? 
  • Expedia is another website that has so many options and this can either solve your problems or make your problems more severe
  • If you cannot find good deals anywhere, use Expedia. You are bound to find one over there
  • I enjoy the hotel options the most on Expedia and find them to be very affordable
  • The Website
Enjoy your flight
  1. Airfarewatchdog
  • I LOVE this website, however, there is one thing you must acknowledge… There will be pop-ups, as annoying as they are. In my opinion, it can still be very worth going through and Xing out the pop-ups to get to the good stuff
  • Airfarewatchdog has constant flight deals, in places that would fit your dreams
  • If the pop-ups are non-negotiable, I understand, there are a lot of options here
  • I had to put Airfarewatchdog on the list of cheap flight websites considering the  phenomenal amount of practical value it gives
  • The Website
buildings in the sky
  1. Kayak
  • This is probably one many of you know, Kayak!
  • Kayak is a great platform, you can even find things to do, buses and trains using Kayak
  • I’ve used Kayak in the past a lot, especially when exhausted from many other websites not working sufficiently. Then I would use Kayak as a last resort and find an absolute marvel of a deal
  • Kayak has a very friendly app that is easy to use. I would highly recommend using apps if available, they can be easier to use than their non-mobile versions. 
  • The Website
Fly to the beach
  1. Kiwi
  • One of my favorite things about Kiwi’s website is that they value privacy a lot more than other platforms. This makes me feel a lot more comfortable purchasing my flights and knowing I got one of the cheapest possible deals on it
  • Kiwi’s website is very clean and easy to use which to me is very important. Many websites are cluttered with an immense amount of junk pedaling
  • Kiwi’s hidden superpower is finding and telling you the most popular flights on the planet
  • The Website
Flights and cruises
  1. Momondo
  • Okay, now we’re reaching some of the best cheap flight websites I’ve ever even heard of!
  • Momondo is incredibly good at finding deals no matter where you’re coming from or going towards. 
  • Always try to have Momondo on your flight websites, I encourage you to use several of these platforms. This way you can rotate the flights to really narrow your flying plans
  • The stylish and sleek look of this website alone will make you quiver with excitement
  • You can avoid a few of these websites but don’t avoid Momondo or you will most likely lose out on at least 1 significant flight deal 
  • The Website
Cheap flight websites
  1. Skyscanner
  • The moment you’ve been waiting for, this is my all-time favorite out of my entire cheap flight websites
  • Skyscanner almost always has the cheapest possible deals, especially if you clear cookies first
  • This website outperforms every other flight website I’ve seen so much of the time it’s unbelievable
  • I would highly recommend putting Skyscanner right at the top of your beautiful flight website list
  • This website will save you monumental amounts of capital
  • The Website