What is traveling culture?

Today we’ll discuss the concept of ‘traveling culture’ and what meaning can be derived from this mysterious pairing of words

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Traveling culture


  • Before we dive into traveling culture let’s distinguish what we are talking about when we speak about traveling here
  • There’s a massive difference between traveling to a city near your hometown and traveling to a completely different country. However, both are obviously a part of the traveling sphere. One is not better than the other, they are simply different. 
  • When we talk about traveling here, traveling is considered traveling to a new place or back to a place that you are not very familiar with. For example, if you have traveled to the state of Arkansas previously and are doing so again, this is still considered traveling. You have more to learn about Arkansas, the learning never stops. Now we can use this same argument when it comes to our home town. However, in this situation, we are not considering being in your home town a state of traveling
  • Traveling here is the act of traveling anywhere outside of your hometown
Traveling culture


  • Now we will get on technical terms for what our definition of culture is in this little study
  • The culture here means society, group, a collective property in which all members are of a certain faction
  • For example, a culture could be a certain group of people, a country of people, a family, or even an ethnic background. Culture could even be a sect of people who specialize in a certain thing
  • Our culture is one of the unique eccentricities that makes us who we are, many times without our choice
  • Have you ever thought about what your culture is? If you don’t think you have a culture, I assure you that you do! Think about the community that you are in, your ancestry, and your interests.
Traveling culture

Traveling Culture

  • Now that we have defined our terms on what we are considering traveling and culture, we can combine them both to form a traveling culture
  • On its most surface level, in my opinion, traveling culture is traveling to other communities (cultures)
  • One of the largest points of this is to understand a piece of someone’s way of life that differs from your own. This gives us a broader picture and more of an understanding of who people are (particularly who are much different than us) and how they metaphysically work
  • In my opinion, I believe learning about other cultures transcends into our own life and we encapsulate that particular culture around us for the rest of our lives. Especially in terms of communicating with other people and how we act. This distribution of knowledge culture-to-culture helps people understand others and we can grow more internally compassionate because of it. 
  • When we start talking to someone, we immediately feel closer to them (usually) compared to a random person that we have never spoken to in our life. This happens on steroids when you meet people from completely different backgrounds and walks of life. You begin to understand their lives and their struggles which form a connection.
Traveling culture


  • What can you gain from this understanding of traveling culture?
  • I want you to gain the ability to be more conscious and aware of what is around you. Talk to people, especially people that are much different than yourself. Find out what makes them tick, you may figure out that you have a tremendous amount in common. 
  • Certainly, we could just stick to people we already know. However, in my opinion, this leads to a loss of internal humanism. Unless of course, you are perfect, which if you are, awesome. Most of us, however, are not… We are a work in progress and communicating with other people assists us in becoming more rounded as human beings. This leads to the development of becoming a global community.