Who are the tourists in Berlin and how many of them are there?

Today we’re going to go through and dissect the world of the Berlin tourist section of the population

What makes someone a tourist let alone a Berlin tourist? Why does this matter? This will be an interesting study dealing with the tourists of Berlin

Tourists in Berlin

What brings people to Berlin?

  • Berlin seems to be a unique melting cauldron with people from every sect of the planet visiting here.
  • There are an extreme amount of events in Berlina long with being quite potentially the biggest club area on the planet. This would certainly bring the party-goers over here, but not every tourist in Berlin is a party goer
  • Berlin is around 9 times bigger than Paris which means that there is an immense variety of things to explore
  • The Autobahn… This is the highway with no speed limit. One cannot even imagine the number of people that come here just for the Autobahn. Imagine flying down the road not needing to worry about the speed limit, constantly maxing your car out instead of playing need for speed. This brings me to my next point…
  • German cars… Who doesn’t love German cars? They are some of the finest vehicles in existence and if you’re moving to Germany, they will be much cheaper to fix
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Tourists in Berlin

How many tourists are in Berlin?

  • Germany is one of the most popular tourist areas in the entire continent of Europe so you can probably estimate there’s going to be a lot of tourists here.
  • There seem to be roughly 13-14 million tourists in Berlin as the yearly average
  • This number compared to the 3 and a half million people that actually live there seems a bit explosive, doesn’t it?
  • Let’s compare the 3 and a half million people with the entire population of Germany, shall we? In total there are an astonishing 83 million+ people in all of Germany with Berlin actually being the highest at 3 and a half million. 
  • The total population of Germany is steadily increasing, and with Berlin being the most populated city with only 3 and a half million… Where are the rest of the near 80 million people? Well, the tourists…. No, no no… We simply cannot and do not count the tourists my good ol’ chap!
  • The 10 most populated cities in Germany are Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Essen, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, and Bremen…. Take a wild guess at how many people on average is the sum of those cities? If you guessed around 10-11 million+ You would be correct. This seems insane, doesn’t it? Considering Germany has over eighty million people! From a small amount of research… This seems to be because overall Germany is huge and filled with an immense amount of cities. 
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Tourists in Berlin

Is it worth coming to Berlin as a tourist?

  • Now I may be biased with this answer because of my German heritage… I would say undoubtedly with 100% certainty, you should indeed come to Berlin!
  • As I’m sure you’ve witnessed, much of the data we’ve accumulated to figure out what brings people to this city… Can act quite like like a magnet pulling even more people in and if this leads to a large enhancement of memories that fall upon your lap, you are welcome!
  • If you like movies, food, cruises, history, the club scene, music, architecture, different languages, hippie stuff, culture, or bikes… This city will absolutely throw you into an incorporeal and phenomenal kind of state of mind
  • Maybe you have places that are higher on your list, however, if I were you I would come to Berlin at some point in your life
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Tourists in Berlin

Who are the tourists in Berlin?

  • Most of the tourists in Berlin, Germany seem to be The Dutch. Why brings The Dutch to Berlin over other ethnicities? One of the most obvious reasons would be that they are right next door. 
  • Leading to the next largest ethnic background of Berlin tourists which are the Swiss which are also pretty close but not as next-door as The Dutch
  • After tourists from Switzerland, we have Poland, Austria, and Denmark paving the pathway towards Berlin. We seem to have an ongoing theme which are close proximity countries.
  • After Denmark, we finally have 2 different countries that are not too close… We have the United Kingdom and the United States. Would this mean… Away from proximal countries, the UK and the US would be considered the largest party animals?
  • Following the UK and the US… We have Belgium, France and last but not least we have Spain
  • These 10 countries seem to make up most of the tourist population in Berlin, Germany
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  • Do you have any information that would be valuable to this small Berlin study? Let me know if you do, I would love to hear it!

Here is a complimentary video of me traversing the universe of Germany