Top 15 places where to go in Dubrovnik that are hidden in plain sight

Dubrovnik was a city I immensely enjoyed, a large part of that was due to the terrible people I met in the city. 


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My personal favorite restaurant in Dubrovnik: Yacht Club Orsan

Streets of Dubrovnik

1. Get lost in the city, that’s a darn command. Talk to the people around, people in the shops, ask them what their favorite things about the city are. I’ll be totally honest with you, I haven’t lived my whole life in Dubrovnik, get opinions while you’re there 😉

The hidden passage

2. You could of course walk the walls as everyone else talks about. That’s of course fun but try to find things that stand out to you when you’re there and pay attention intricately to the details you find most interesting. If you get bored maybe you could rent an Ebike or gravel bike and see the city in a way where your feet won’t hate you.

Cable car in Dubrovnik

3. Riding the cable car is an absolute treasure trip. Take a break from your electric SUV rental for a second. You don’t have to do the cable car but it’s definitely fun. You can take some quality pictures and have some more memories from your exotic trip to Dubrovnik.

The gorgeous Jesuits stairs

4. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you may know why there are so many more tourists in Dubrovnik. My personal favorite area (correlating with the Game of Thrones series) is the Jesuits stairs. I don’t think you’ll be overlanding this area but you could certainly take a couple of minutes to admire how on Earth this spot is filled with so many tourists.


5. If you’re like me, you love your esoteric beaches. The beach I’m going to mention is very hidden and unknown by many people. So of course I’m going to exploit it on my blog. Go towards the entrance of St Jacobs beach and you’ll see a ladder, go down that ladder and pure bliss awaits your beautiful arrival, my friend 😉

Beautiful scenery

6. If you’re a fan of hiking, I have got a wicked way to give you that leg pain you’re looking for. The name is Staza Prema Utvrdi Imperial, Mount SRD hiking trail. It’s right beside Jadranska Cesta street. This will work wonders in not just your legs but in your photographic memory. You’ll be able to enjoy life quite a bit when you decide to rest, of course. Take some pictures of the gorgeous views while you’re there. This is the perfect outdoorsy kind of area to get you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Though I’m not sure you’d be able to whoop out your portable fire pit.


7. Relax, seriously forget all the capturing of every single agenda in Dubrovnik. Instead capture the moment of living, enjoying, and breathing the Croatian air. Forget about what you’re going to put in your portable blender tonight you dingle berry.

Nudist colony rocks

8. If you’re interested in finding the essence of humanity you could look nowhere else besides FKK Dubrovnik, home of the elegant nudist rocks (near Cava beach). That’s right, you saw that text correctly, this is a totally nude area in which your imagination doesn’t have to be as good anymore. 


9. If you’re feeling quite cultivated and distinguished with a fine sprinkle of pretentiousness I have quite the treat for you. You can head onward toward the wonderful Orsan Yacht Club. Drink a martini, watch your stock, nobody will give a crock since you’re here on the dock.


10. There’s a spot I find immensely captivating and that spot is underneath the Franko Tudman Bridge. If Bungee jumping is of high interest to you, you can bungee jump on this bridge. This is not why I adore this area though. On the elegant corner above the Dubrovnik cruise port area… It’s simply a marvel. If you are assuming it’s boring, it might be for you, but check it out.

wow cats

11. One of the most fragrant parks in the city goes by the name of Gradac park. You must go witness the more local side of the city if that’s even possible. You’ll quickly understand why I’m using the word fragrant 😉 More info: Gradac Park

Tvrdava Minceta fortress in Dubrovnik

12. After Gradac, it’s time to visit Tvrđava Minčeta (fortress) which acts as a monumental lookout spot over the South-Eastern part of the city. This is a gorgeous marvel that will force your subconscious to remember this city. While you’re traveling feel free to check out these wonderful little travel products.

Alleys in Dubrovnik

13. Before you leave the city move onward toward breakwater which is a little landmark South of Valobran Kaše. (near the boat docking area in the South-Eastern part of the city)


14. This next place is going to knock your socks off or your head off if you fall down the stairs (try not to do that) This is another beach area that is quite mystical, mystical in the sense that it doesn’t seem to belong, it’s a little semi-hidden treasure in the landscape that is Dubrovnik. This place is called The Đivovići Beach which is beneath a gorgeous set of stairs. It’s located on the South Eastern side of Dubrovnik and it’s directly off of the Vlaha Bukovca. 

sunsets in Dubrovnik

15. The last quintessential place to go in my honest opinion has to be…. Orsula Park, this wonderful little get-away has an enormous amphitheater. Everything about this place is pretty extravagant. The Park of Orsula is located South East of Đivovići Beach. 

Here is a complimentary video of me hitchhiking to Dubrovnik for a trip – the Dubrovnik part starts at 6:00 and (spoiler alert) at the end of the video I ended up in Tivat!

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