Important Things to Know Before Traveling to Greece

Today we will talk about things you must know before traveling to Greece

Greece has been a special place to me since the first time I stepped foot into Greek territory

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Things to know before traveling to Greece


  • As of now, Covid-19 is a large part of the things to know before traveling to Greece, like all places at the moment
  • The Covid cases have significantly dropped in the last few months as of writing this
  • As long as you can show a Covid free pass or proof of vaccination, it seems traveling to Greece should not be a large issue
  • If you are older than most of the population or have multiple comorbidities you may not want to travel far outside of the place that you currently call home
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Things to know before traveling to Greece


  • If you enjoy hot weather, August is the hottest month in Greece at a staggering 84 degrees Fahrenheit
  • For things to know before traveling to Greece I would highly recommend traveling during a warmer month than a colder month
  • The coldest month in Greece is in January with an average temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Pretty warm for the coldest month, isn’t it? Greece is an overall wonderful country for people that prefer the warm weather over the cold
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Greek architecture


  • Greece surpassed 14 million tourists in 2021 and has a total population of 10 million people
  • The capital of Greece, Athens has a little over 3 million people in it. The downtown section of Athens can seem hoarded with tourists, especially during peak hours and peak timing of the year
  • For things to know before traveling to Greece when it comes to population have an idea of where you want to go. For example, if you highly dislike being around people, you may not want to dedicate a lot of time to the center of Athens. You might want to explore less-visited cities like Chalcis, Kavala, Rhodes, Kozani, or Veria. There are many small towns in Greece that are completely stunning that I totally believe you should check out. I encourage you to purely wander around, letting the wind guide the direction of your energy. Try it out a few times and see what happens
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Things to know before traveling to Greece


  • I would vouch for Greece all day and all night. Greece is by far one of my favorite areas that I have ever been to.
  • Some of the people I have met here are still wonderful friends to this day
  • Any time I needed help getting around Greece, most people were more than helpful. For example, several times when I asked someone for help they immediately asked to tour me around Greece. Talk about hospitality! 
  • The people you meet here in Greece will quite possibly turn out to be some very important lifelong friends. You have been warned
Things to know before traveling to Greece


  • You’ll be happy to know prices throughout Greece can be quite cheap depending upon what we’re comparing them to. If we are comparing the prices of Greece to The United States, for example, Greece is incredibly cheap!
  • Greece uses the Euro. 1 United States Dollar is the equivalent of 0.9 Euro 
  • You can easily get a full course meal for under 7-8 Euros here in Greece, especially in Athens.
  • As for hostels and hotels: You can get hostels for around $9+ and hotels for $11+
  • Prices in Greece compared to many other places in Europe are much cheaper
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Greek beauty


  • The areas you ultimately favor will depend on how much you enjoy the company of human beings. If you have a distaste for the overall human population you may want to head to smaller and more unknown cities. However, if you enjoy the historical parts of Greek history along with your unsatisfying view of society you may have to make some sacrifices because I will warn you. As I have said before, places like Athens can get very populated
  • No matter your stance on society as a whole, places in Greece that I would recommend the most would be: minimally venturing out to one of the Greek islands that you find most alluring. The cities I would quickly recommend would be Chalcis, Athens, Delphi, and Sparti
  • I would try to think of these concepts first making this very important overall for things to know before traveling to Greece
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