Top 10 reasons you should be traveling to Hawaii in 2022

Today I will briefly describe 10 reasons you SHOULD be traveling to Hawaii in 2022. Stick around because the last reason is going to boggle your mind.

Hawaiian beaches

When can I start traveling to Hawaii?

You may just be able to start tomorrow! 

Right now for US citizens either a vaccination or negative Covid-19 test is required to enter Hawaii. 

If you’re a non-US Citizen, you’ll be required to show proof of vaccination and pass a Covid-19 test. This must be done within one day of boarding a flight to the US

Beaches for traveling to Hawaii
  1. Beaches
  • Most likely one of the most consequential reasons behind your search for Hawaii
  • Hawaii has arguably the most beautiful beaches on the entire planet.
  • Am I trying to convince you to come to Hawaii? Does one really need to be convinced to visit one of Earth’s highest upper echelon environmental treasures?  
  • The Hawaiian islands possess every type of beach in existence. 
  • Hawaii has white, red, green, and black sand beaches.
  1. What about COVID-19? 
  • Yes, Covid-19 is still rolling. Does this mean we cannot visit Hawaii? Absolutely not. 
  • Hawaii has been one of the greatest states in the US in terms of defense against Covid-19. 
  • With that being said you can assume it has some of the lowest percentage cases in the US, right? Let’s find out!
  • California has had a 7-day average of over 13,000 cases
  • Take a guess how many Hawaii has had. 
  • Hawaii has had a 7-day average of just over 1,000 cases.
  • You’re a lot less scared already aren’t ya? 
Backpacking, vagabond
  1. History
  • Even if you’re not a history buff. Hawaiian history is easy to become addicted to and immersed into
  • Hawaiian history is so unique, for example, King Kamehameha. When you start learning about him and all the wild things he’s done. You’ll want to read every single thing dealing with the history of Hawaii.
  • Just to think about people discovering this land 1,500+ years ago just by utilizing the stars to guide them.
  • Not only did Hawaii become the 50th state in 1959 but Hawaii has ownership of the only royal building in the United States. The Lolani Palace
  • More information
Traveling to Hawaii
  1. Hawaiian water
  • Do you know how warm the water is in Hawaii? The average temperature for the ocean water surrounding Hawaii is a staggering 78 degrees! 
  • If you’re in a place like California, you know how much of a treasure warm ocean water is.
  • You don’t even have to put a wet suit on, can you believe that? 
  • Now you’re probably saying that this is all nice and dandy but… What about during the winter months? Guess what?  It still stays warm. 
Hawaiian sunset
  1. Mauna Kea 
  • I give you the largest mountain on the planet from base to peak.
  • This mountain is almost 5,000 feet HIGHER than Mount Everest
  • Do you know what that means? You can ski and snowboard on top of this mountain.
  • You can drive from near 80-degree ocean water up 14,000+ feet. Then go skiing or snowboarding in less than 2 hours. 
  • You can find Mauna Kea on the Big Island. You can also find Mauna Loa on the big island which is an active volcano. Not only is it a volcano but it’s the largest active volcano on the planet.
  • More info on visiting the summit
  1. Animals
  • One of my personal favorite attractions to these islands are the terrestrial animals
  • Also the lack of certain terrestrial animals. Aka lions, tigers, and bears!
  • Most of the dangerous animals are in the ocean, thankfully. 
  • This will minimize the potential worries you can have for dangerous animals… Unless of course, you go into the deep, dark depths of the Pacific Ocean
  • Now of course if you’re looking for large terrestrial animals, the Hawaiian islands are not going to be so rewarding for you in that regard.
  • Personally, my favorite critter that Hawaii has is the chameleon, that’s right, the lizard that changes colors.
  • An animal you’ll often see in Hawaii is the gecko. These little guys are so cute! You’ll see them sunbathing and sometimes you’ll even see them climbing on your ceiling
Traveling to Hawaii
  1. Disease
  • Hawaii’s average life expectancy at birth is the highest in the entire country of the United States. Need I say more? 
  • Lack of overall disease is a LARGE contribution to my overall love factor when it comes to these beautiful islands
  • Hawaii is one of the only states in the US that has absolutely zero cases of Lyme disease.
Traveling to Hawaii
  1. Energy
  • The energy and vibrations people in Hawaii give off are like no other.
  • You’ll notice immediately how people act and treat you.
  • If you work in Hawaii, you’re late? No problem.
  • Hawaii is an utterly relaxed state if you love to calm down and unwind. Hawaii is definitely the place for you. 
  • In Hawaii, there isn’t a hustle and bustle with Oahu being the potential exception in certain circumstances
  • When you’re traveling to Hawaii, expect things to be a lot more calm compared to where you are from.
Whale watching
  1. Whales
  • How many places in the world can you actually see freakin’ WHALES?
  • The first time I saw a whale was in Hawaii and it shook my life up. This was an unforgettable experience I’ll never forget the feeling of.
  • I highly recommend when you come here to go whale watching. 
  • You want to be on the Big Island, Maui, or Kaui for this and the best time to come here for this is November through May
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Go hiking
  1. Hiking
  • Hawaii has been my favorite place to go hiking
  • There are so many world-famous hikes in one place, it’s unbelievable
  • Of course, you must hike diamond head at some point in your Hawaiian life. Roundtrip it’s almost 2 miles and it’ll take you roughly 2 hours to complete (roundtrip) 
  • Personally, what I like to do is start walking in a random direction until I stumble on a hiking path. In Hawaii, this is a much more reasonable concept than in many other places.
  • If you’re low on time, search for nearby hiking trails. They are everywhere!
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  • When you go to Hawaii, please pick up your trash and be very polite to others
  • If you’re going to be traveling soon, take a second to look at these time-saving items.
  • If you want to look more like a local, throw away that island shirt and wear something you would normally wear

Here’s a complimentary video of me cheaply traveling around Hawaii