Cheapest trips to take right now in the US in 2022

These are not only some of the cheapest places in the continental United States but also some of the most beautiful 

Do you have any suggestions for phenomenally cheap and beautiful areas in the US? Feel free to leave a lovely comment below

Norfolk, Virginia

  • At the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk is a great spot to be for any length of vacation
  • Norfolk is one of our most affordable options on this list with an average full day of meals coming at a whopping $7-$10
  • Norfolk is home to over 200,000 residents so it’s not the smallest city by any means. However, with the vastness of the city along with all of the things you can do. You will forget about this fact quickly
  • This city is covered in trees, so much so that many people recognize this city as the city of trees.
  • If you are into antiques, Norfolk, Virginia will accompany you beautifully with many magical antique shops
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Cape Coral, Florida

Cheapest trips to take right now
  • Cape Coral not only is the third-largest city in all of Florida, but it is the 1st most uniquely beautiful city in all of Florida
  • Along with its beauty, it comes with being a very affordable city as far as cities in the United States go
  • My favorite thing about Cape Coral is that it is home to 400 miles of gorgeous canals
  • For a list of the cheapest trips to take right now, one has to include Cape Coral, Florida
  • If you have an uncanny interest in owls, this city may become your favorite on the planet. This city is home to over 1,000 nesting pairs of owls
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Freeport, Illinois 

Cheapest trips to take right now
  • This city is mostly known for its phenomenal pretzels. However, there’s much more to this city than just pretzels
  • My favorite thing in Freeport, Illinois is Krape Park. You can do everything in this park, everything includes looking at marvelous waterfalls, events, golf, trees, mountains, and out of this world scenery
  • Freeport has an excellent art museum which I would highly recommend
  • If you want to enjoy some nature, maybe a little bike ride, the Jane Addams Trail will suit all of your needs. This trail is 18.9 miles of joy and wonder.  
  • If you are half into trains as me, check out the Silver Creek and Stephenson Railroad Museum
  • If you enjoy debates and history, you may already know about Lincoln-Douglas Debate Square. What an amazing place to be to feel closer to the history of the United States
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Ishpeming, Michigan

Cheapest trips to take right now
  • This is such a lovely city, of all the cities on here I would say the word lovely encapsulates this city the most.
  • Do you enjoy skiing? If you do, Ishpeming is monumental in the skiing universe. You can head to the U.S National Skiing Hall of Fame building here in Ishpeming, Michigan
  • I would highly recommend the Cliffs Shaft Mining Museum also to be enriched in the wonderful mining history of the town 
  • Along with the beauty, Ishpeming is incredibly cheap given its location on the list of the cheapest trips to take right now
  • If alcohol is your drink of choice the Cognition Brewing Company will quench your inebriated state of being
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Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Overlooking the snow-capped mountains, it can be quite difficult to enjoy a city with half the stature of Salt Lake City. 
  • This city is now known for hosting the winter Olympic games. However, to me, this city is known for its unbelievable picture Esque environments
  • Even if you are not religious, a visit inside The Tabernacle and a potential viewing of their choir could be a great time
  • If you just want to take some time to walk and think; Try simply walking around The Temple Square
  • Salt Lake City had to be on my list of cheapest trips to take right now considering how affordable everything is compared to other cities in the United States
  • My favorite thing in all of Salt Lake City would have to be The Big Cottonwood Canyon. To call this canyon gorgeous would be a hefty understatement.
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Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo, Texas
  • Amarillo seems to be known for its world-famous steak so if you love steak, come on over
  • There’s so much to do in this eccentric town. You could view the Cadillac Ranch, view the route of the historic route 66, head to the Amarillo museum of art, or check out the Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum
  • My personal favorite thing to do in Amarillo, Texas is the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. You will be blown away when you see this unbelievable spot in real life. This is such a phenomenal place, I believe more people should come and see it. This is the second-largest canyon in the United States
  • If you are looking for a fun family event, you can check out the Amarillo Zoo
  • I would also highly recommend just walking around downtown Amarillo and talking to the locals to see what their opinions are
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Saratoga Springs, New York

Cheapest trips to take right now
  • Saratoga Springs is known for horses, and mineral springs. 
  • This town with a population of a little over 28,000 has quite the eccentric events to check out
  • The location is Spa State Park and the event… The mineral springs, I could spend years at this elegant place. Speaking of absolute elegance, this may just be the classiest city on the list 
  • The architecture of Saratoga Springs can also be very interesting, so don’t be afraid to walk around purely observing the formation of the nearby buildings
  • If you are coming here in the summer, particularly on a hot day, check out Stewart’s Ice Cream. They have some of the best ice creams around
  • My favorite place in Saratoga Springs happens to be the intensely elegant Victoria Pool, you cannot go wrong with spending the entire day here
  • This may be the last place on my list for the cheapest trips to take right now. However, there will be more to come
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