10 reasons to travel to Slovenia in 2022

Today I’ll guide you through some of the most elegant reasons behind why I wholeheartedly believe… That you should travel to Slovenia!

Travel to Slovenia
  1. Tourists
  • Slovenia has a low population of tourists which makes this a very attractive option, especially to people like me who need a break from civilization sometimes
  • If there are moments in your life where you just want to get away from large swaths of people… You are going to love this place
  • Slovenia reaches around 1 million tourists every year. Compare this to over 30 million tourists per year in Paris
  • The capital of Slovenia which is Ljubljana is home to only roughly 279,000 people
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Beautiful nature
  1. Pretentiousness 
  • You can tell everyone you know including now and in the future that you have been to Slovenia! A country a lot of people don’t even know about so they’ll immediately be impressed.
  • When you talk about Slovenia, let’s be honest here, some people won’t care at all. However, quite a few people will showcase a shimmer in their eyes with the concept of you visiting this prestigious country
  • Slovenia deserves to be talked about, it’s such a wonderful country. While you are talking about Slovenia to your friends, make sure to encourage them to come over here because it’s a needed life experience
Travel to Slovenia
  1. Nature
  • If you are like me and you love nature… Come here now! Slovenia to me is one of the natural capitals of the planet
  • Whether you are talking about trees or the overall wilderness.. When I think of the encompassing nature… Of nature, I will always think of Slovenia.
  • If you travel to Slovenia, you will notice the transcendent nature immediately
  • The relaxing vibrations reverberating through the Slovenian trees while you hear a creek in the distance will penetrate your soul and leave your breathless
  • You will figure out a lot more facets of Slovenias nature with some of my other points on this list
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  1. Caves
  • Words cannot express my love for the caves in Slovenia but I will try to capture and tell you a small amount of the beauty about them
  • To call these caves some of the best in the world would be an understatement
  • If you enjoy caves or haven’t been to many caves… I believe you should absolutely try to make it out here and explore the transcendent Slovenian world that is the caves
  • When you travel to Slovenia, at least check at one of the amazing caves
  • Though a word of warning with some of these Slovenian caves… If you are exploring by yourself, make sure to heed caution because this can be very dangerous if you plan on heading in deep. There are many things that can rudely awaken your cave experience which includes hypothermia, flooding, falling rocks, physical exhaustion, wildlife, Marburg virus along with fungal pathogens, and even carbon monoxide poisoning
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  1. Wildlife 
  • The incredible and vibrant wildlife here will impress any animal enthusiast
  •  If you plan on traveling to Slovenia, you can guarantee you’ll see some of the most incredible terrestrial animals you have ever seen
  • Some of these animals include wolves, foxes, bears, lynx, and even the Alpine ibex
  • If you don’t enjoy the company of large animals you may want to utilize a tour group when navigating the deep wilderness of Slovenia
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Travel to Slovenia
  1. Honey
  • Slovenia has over 11,000 beekeepers and the quality of Slovenian honey is off the charts
  • Kocevje Forest honey is one of the best on the planet
  • If you love the taste of pure honey or pure satiation, you must not only visit Slovenia but try their honey
  • Remember there are so many medical uses for honey so even if you don’t love honey, it won’t hurt to bring a little bit of honey on your next trip
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Try to enjoy life
  1. Activities
  • There are a lot of activities you can pursue in Slovenia
  • Activities especially dealing with water, for example, rafting!
  • Slovenia’s activities will put a quick smile on your face all the while enjoying the out-of-this-world scenery
  • When you travel to Slovenia, make sure to partake in as many activities as you can, this will enhance your overall life experience 
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Travel to Slovenia
  1. Water
  • If you enjoy places with rivers and lakes… You are in for a wonderful treat
  • In Slovenia exists places like Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Lake Jasna, Lake Cerknica, Lake Krn, Lake Zbilje, and Lake Trboje
  • There are so many beautiful aquatic areas to visit in Slovenia, you will no doubt stumble upon an aquatic marvel at least one time on your trip
  • Even if you are a bit on the hesitant side of traversing the Slovenian aquatic world, it is okay to simply stare at these areas in pure admiration
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  1. Hiking
  • I had no choice but to add hiking to the absolute beauty that is Slovenia
  • You can find hiking trails everywhere you go in this country. However, if you do want to find well-known trails in Slovenia I’ll give you a link at the bottom of this section
  • I would highly recommend going hiking when you’re in Slovenia, no matter what time of year you are here. The hikes here are quite legendary and you don’t need to be a professional hiker to hike most of them
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Travel to Slovenia
  1. Waterfalls
  • It is tough to talk about Slovenia and not bring up the extravagant waterfalls
  • Slovenia is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls ever seen
  • When we are talking about travel to Slovenia… One must talk about the most beautiful waterfalls that have ever been formed
  • After witnessing some of these Slovenian waterfalls by first-hand account… You may wind up living here for the rest of your life. I must warn you about this because Slovenia is one of the most incredible areas on the planet
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Here’s a complimentary video of my traveling Slovenia like an absolute vagrant