One of the most beautiful and unknown areas on the planet

Today I’ll be talking to you about a city most people have no clue about.

Somehow this city has gone unknown by so many people with breathtaking views from every possible angle.

Just check this photo out 

Gorgeous Mostar

How I personally found this little gem

  • I decided to mention this place when I was telling a friend of mine about this particular place and… They of course had no idea about this place. 
  • I stumbled upon this place when I was hitchhiking around Europe and it immediately blew my freakin’ MIND! 
  • It boggles my brain when I sit down and realize there’s probably more areas like this around the world. Areas that for the most part are just chilling there, acting cool, and waiting to be found.  

The reason this place is relatively known to some

  •  The place I’m going to tell you about today is known for one bridge. This bridge I may or may not have dived off of into the water before I had known that you needed to obtain training previous to jumping.
  • Now, this bridge is indeed glorious, the entire city is filled with places of similar stature.
View from the Old Mostar Bridge

What you can expect to find

  • Walking this city at night will get you into some of the wildest experiences on the planet. 
  • You might find random street concerts, people with similar views around, and there’s a never-ending amount of pure joy to be had in this city. 
  • One time I was walking the town at night and through deductive reasoning allegedly found myself skinny dipping. For some reason that was the last moment I remembered that night. 
Far from the Mostar Bridge


  • This city is in the beautiful country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you may never even heard of that country and I totally understand if you haven’t. 
  • The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for its diverse population, heart-shaped country, and that this country has Europe’s last remaining jungle
Near the Mostar Bridge

Are you sold yet just by looking at the photos? 

  • You must see these beautiful sights in person. The photos do not do it justice AT ALL!
  • I recommend just wandering around this city, for hours and hours. You’ll meet eccentric personalities that have a certain vested interest in… Nothing, that’s one of the best parts.
  • Beautiful scenery, beautiful people, and beautiful personalities. 
Old Mostar Bridge


  • I would highly recommend visiting in the spring, summer, or fall. 
  • Unless of course, you’re more of a winter type of person; however, the trees will not have much to them. Some of the trees are over 300 years old. 

The City goes by the name of Mostar 

  • The city got its name after the bridge keepers (mostari) who protected the Stari Most (old bridge) in the medieval days. 
  • The famous Mostar Bridge was built by Ottomans in the 1600s
  • The first-ever documented mention of Mostar was the whole way back in 1474!

What else is in Mostar?

  • Go underneath the Old Mostar Bridge. It’s a fabulous little chill beach-ish spot. 
  • Head towards the Lucki Most (not to be confused with the Mostar Bridge) bridge to get wonderful pictures! It’s a lot less touristic than the Old Mostar Bridge. If you want to have some quiet this, this is a great quiet / pictureescque spot.
  • Follow Marsala Tita street and just look at the magical architecture! I couldn’t believe how it transformed the vibe, it throws you into a different world!


  • Eat some Burek. When this food first fell upon my lips, I fell in love! Burek is a pastry filled with either, meat, cheese, spinach or potatoes. More info
Burek, great food in Mostar
  • Ćevapi which is pronounced che va pee. This is basically grilled meat, usually served with bread and onions. More info

Traveling towards Mostar

Traveling outside of Mostar

  • I would highly recommend you to go to Sarajevo if you haven’t! You’ll garner many memories inside this glorious city walls. 
  • Another recommendation high on my list of the nearby cities would be Split. The relaxing vibrations tremmuring through the city walls is a shining bright light on the world. 
  • My last recommendation would be the pleasant town of Budva. Even less people know about this town most likely than even Mostar. There’s around 13,000 locals in this town and let me tell you… It’s MARVELOUS! Check it out! 

How long should I stay in Mostar?

  • I think the absolute minimum you should stay in Mostar is about 2-3 days.
  • You can see a lot in 2-3 days, especially if you’re out expressing yourself in the wild and not staying inside all day! Just take full advantage of your time there and I’m sure you’ll have sufficient time spent in Mostar. I’m just kidding, you will want to go back and won’t feel that you’ve spent enough time there. How long is really enough though? 
  • You could choose Mostar to be your settling spot while you take buses and trains to nearby cities. I would recommend just staying in each city instead to get a larger picture and feeling of each city. 

If you need any useful gear before you go out and take on the world, check these out.

 Here is a complimentary video of me hitchhiking to Mostar