Top 5 hidden places in Dallas Texas

Welcome to a guide featuring some of the most marvelous and secretive areas in all of Dallas. Note that I have included 1 or 2 that may not be too close to downtown Dallas, Texas

If you have any spots that you have favored while conquering the landscape of the world, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page

Top 5 hidden places in Dallas Texas

5. Art Treks

  • If you have some admiration for artists or you are a creative type yourself… this will most likely be your favorite realm of existence on the entire list
  • Now, this isn’t just a place but a tour of places. You hike and see art simultaneously, which to me is a marvelous experience. If this sounds fun to you, you’ll probably love it, if it doesn’t, you probably won’t
  • I would highly recommend Art Treks because of the simplicity of being able to relax, walk around and see some incredibly unique pieces of artistic beauty
  • Art Treks aren’t just in Dallas either, you can find Art Treks tucked away in a few cities
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Top 5 hidden places in Dallas Texas

4. Haunted Ghost Bar

  • I would recommend the full Dallas Ghost Tour Pub Crawl but if you don’t want to go on the tour you can go to some of the individual haunted locations
  • One of the first and possibly the most haunted bar would be the Inwood lounge, you’ll have to go there for the specifics as to what truly makes it a haunted location
  • Snuffer’s is another specific bar you can go to, this place has some wild stories, just wait until you hear some of them
  • Sons of Hermann Hall is another haunted bar that was opened in 1911, maybe you will see the building’s former caretaker… who is very well dead
  • When it comes to the Top 5 hidden places in Dallas Texas I had no choice but to include the world of the Haunted Ghost bars
  • I would highly recommend visiting some of these haunted bars because in my opinion the stories, and the overall ambiance is otherworldly 
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3. Prairie Creek Waterfalls

  • This may be my true favorite on this list, this place not only has the most stunning waterfall but it’s directly in the middle of a fantastic park
  • The uniqueness of this waterfall and all of its tranquility is guaranteed to surprise your mental state
  • In my opinion, Prairie Creek Waterfalls absolutely deserves a spot on the top 5 hidden places in Dallas Texas
  • If you don’t see Prairie Creek Waterfalls while you’re in Dallas, Texas. Your psyche will be deep in privation. I would highly recommend coming here because no matter what you’re going through in life, the mind will be able to relax here, if only momentarily 
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Top 5 hidden places in Dallas Texas

2. Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park

  • This recreational area gives park an entirely different meaning, try it if you don’t believe me
  • Though this place may not be the most hidden this surely deserves a spot on the Top 5 hidden places in Dallas Texas due to its state of absolute amazing qualities
  • You’re going to immediately enjoy the fun and friendly staff. If you even have the most remote issues. I believe when it comes to this park, the staff are what I favor the most even more so than the actual park
  • If you are active, you have a lot of fun because there are so many obstacles that will give you the kind of workout you are looking for. If you’re less of an active person, you will still be fine considering you can choose what to and what not to go on
  • Looking for a friendly area for kids? Look no further for you will be in one of the most kid-friendly environments I’ve seen anywhere around Dallas at the Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park
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Top 5 hidden places in Dallas Texas

1. Hike The Katy Trail

  • This place is going to be paradise, when I say paradise I mean an atmosphere that gets you to become one with not only Dallas but one with a beautiful, very taken care of trail 
  • Whether you want to merely sightsee or relax in the most meditational of ways, this is a spot of absolute perfection
  • My favorite thing about this spot and why I would recommend it in such highly regarded fashion is due to the kind nature of most of the people on this trail. You are guaranteed to meet some very considerate human beings on this trail, at nearly any time of year
  • Of course… The Katy Trail is a must-have on this list of the Top 5 hidden places in Dallas, Texas because you are going to immediately fall in love with this trail
  • This trail was built on an old railroad line so you can imagine that it doesn’t have too many hills. Suppose you’re worried about walking in a high-gradient area. In that case, you will not have to worry when it comes to The Katy Trail
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