Top 5 hikes in La Paz, Bolivia

Welcome to what not only consists of my top 5 hikes in La Paz, Bolivia but what I believe are some of the best hikes on the planet

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La Paz hiking

5. Chacaltaya 

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • How to get to Chacaltaya: Head South East of Alto Milluni, ride the Camino al Nevado Chacaltaya until directly before the end and you will see the trail
  • Duration of hike: On average this hike will take you around 1 hour and a half
  • Trail length: 2.1 miles
  • Elevation: 734 feet
  • More information: Chacaltaya
  • Generally, I would recommend this hike for everyone, even beginners considering all-in-all the entirety of this trail is very doable
  • Though I must say… If you do not like being around people, you may want to avoid this trail because this is a rather popular trail accounting for all of the trails on the list
  • All-in-all when it comes to La Paz hiking, you cannot go wrong with Chacaltaya
  • One last warning is that this could be considered a fairly rocky trail to some people
La Paz hiking

4. Cerro Charkini 

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • How to get to Cerro Charkini: This time head North East of Alto Milluni, you’ll see this trail directly to the East off of Camino al Huayna Potosi y a Zango
  • Duration of hike: To hike this trail you can expect to take at least 3 hours to finish it
  • Trail length: 4 miles
  • Elevation: 1,732 feet
  • More information: Cerro Charkini
  • Now when it comes to this trail I wouldn’t recommend it for all beginners considering the higher state of elevation
  • Unlike the last trail, if you want to be alone, this is a perfect trail for you considering you probably won’t see many people if any at all on this trail
  • When Cerro Charkini gets compared to other hikes in La Paz, it can fit in but in the end, you may not remember this particular trail forever
  • I may not sound too thrilled about this trail… it may not be my number one choice but I would still recommend it… As a later choice, of course
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3. Huayna Potosí Mountain

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • How to get to Huayna Potosí Mountain: Now for this trail, head directly North on Camino al huayna potosi y a Zongo and you will see this trail instantly after Refugio Casa Blanca
  • Duration of hike: On average this trail will take you at least roughly 6 and a half hours to complete
  • Trail length:  6.2 miles
  • Elevation: 4,209 feet
  • More information: Huayna Potosi
  • For this trail, I would not recommend it to any beginners… to say the least, this trail can get challenging
  • This may be one of the toughest hikes in all of La Paz but you can bet your bottom dollar that it is worth it. The views on this trail get exhilarating
  • I’ll be honest and say that in some realms of existence this is my favorite trail on the list. If that implies the utter significance of how beautiful this trail truly is
  • When it comes to La Paz hiking, Huayna Potosi Mountain is a wonderful representation of all of Bolivia 
La Paz hiking

2. Austria Peak

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • How to get to Austria Peak: Head a bit North East of Condoriri, directly to the start of the trail at the Campo Base Condoriri  
  • Duration of hike: This trail will take you on average 3 and a half hours to complete 
  • Trail length: 4.1 miles
  • Elevation: 2,152 feet
  • More information: Austria Peak
  • Sure… It may be labeled as a ‘moderate’ trail but this trail could very well qualify as a more difficult trail
  • If at the moment you looked at the elevation and gasped… You may not want to continue with this trail… unless you are looking for a monstrosity of a challenge
  • When you bring up La Paz hiking, Austria Peak has to be brought up whether it’s because of its eccentricities or the astoundingly significant above-average level of elevation
  • Be warned that depending on the time of year when you get to the higher elevations of the trail you may run into ice so be incredibly careful
La Paz hiking

1. Condoriri Base Trail

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • How to get to Condoriri Base Trail: This trail begins at the same exact location as the last trail ( at the base of the Campo Base Condoriri )
  • Duration of hike: On average, you can expect to take at least 1 hour to complete this trail 
  • Trail length: 2.5 miles
  • Elevation: 761 feet
  • More information: Condoriri Base Trail
  • The views on this trail will astound you for years to come, I kid you not… It’s unbelievable what one turn can do for someone’s overall hiking experience 
  • With views like this and it encompasses the 2nd lowest amount of elevation for a hiking trail on this list… What are you waiting for?
  • The ultimate reason I chose Condoriri Base Trail as the number one choice on the list of top 5 hikes in La Paz, Bolivia… This is because of the unstoppable views, not only does this hike have low elevation but it contains some of the most amazing views you’ll see anywhere around
  • I’ll be honest, when it comes to La Paz hiking, this trail ultimately reigns supreme. Other hikes have no chance, and I mean it when I say no chance
  • I would highly recommend you to visit the Condoriri base trail because you will form memories that last a lifetime here


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