The best 15 areas to go in Milan

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Personal restaurant recommendation: Salsamenteria di Parma San Babila


1 Boscoincittà Park – This elegant park is going to literally knock your socks off if you take the wrong turn on a nearby trail. This place is directly beside some gorgeous water and a beautiful view (It’s located in the Western part of Milan)


2Galleria Francesca Minini – You must check out this unique art gallery, (it’s in the Eastern part of Milan) Before your next trip, check out these phenomenal traveling items.

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3Biblioteca Sormani – If you have time, check out this wonderful public library. The inside and outside of this building are spectacular. 

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4Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio – Behold, this is the oldest building in all of Milan, Italy. This beautiful construction was built in the year 379. Just kidding, sort of. It was rebuilt overall in 1129. So technically not fully 379. More information here

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5Santa Maria Delle Grazie – One of the rather large reasons I must recommend a place of this stature is the elegant Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper mural painting formed in 1495-1498. More information here

Fashion capital of the world, Milan, Italy.

6Centro Storico and the Fashion District – Walk around and enjoy the wonderful pretentiousness of the city. In all seriousness, this is the fashion capital of the world. Just like the old saying, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Milan one must walk like an Egyptian. 

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7 Santuario di San Bernardino alle Ossa – If you’re interested in bones, you’ll love this one. This is a church and inside it lies this beautiful ossuary decorated with many bones. In 1210, a nearby cemetery ran out of space so what did they do? They put all of the bones inside this box. Even the building walls are completely covered in bones.  


8BackDoor 43 – This is an absolute favorite of mine, it’s one of the world’s smallest BARS. That’s right bars, you must visit and have a drink. Try getting a few people in there and have a wonderful conversation. You’ll be surprised with how much a small space can accompany you in terms of drinks and other objects. 

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9Corso di Porta Romana – There’s a wicked cannonball directly in the building. I bet you’ve never witnessed that unless you can see your future. The cannonball is a symbol of commemoration from the rebellion against the Austrian Dominion that was trying to take over. This devastation took place on March 20th, 1848 

Pink flamingos in Italy

10Villa Invernizzi – This place has PINK FLAMINGOS. No, I’m not kidding, you can actually ride the flamingos. Alright, I’m kidding about that but there are seriously pink flamingos here, need I say more? More information here


11 Jardín público Indro Montanelli park – This park is going to blow your socks off, literally if you get there too early and end up getting vacuum sealed by the blowers. Grab some food and come here, you’ll enjoy the finer elegance of the city.

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12Bowling Dei Fiori – Who goes bowling when they’re vacationing in Milan, Italy? Someone who’s trying to act like a local of course. Meet some real deal local Italianos at this gorgeous bowling center. Get a strike, or get your heart struck out… Italians can be ruthless lovers.  

Beautiful park in Milan

13Parco Lambro – If you’re a park and greenery kind of person, this is an absolute MUST visit! This place is shatteringly beautiful. You will never believe your eyes when you visit this place! There are trails, play areas, a phenomenal river, and cycling trails. This place even has small waterfalls, the best time to visit would be fall but any time in the summer works swell!

The Duomo

14The Duomo (Milan Cathedral) – Okay I’m only half kidding. You should still visit the Milan Cathedral if you haven’t though, the friggin’ spectacular creation has over 3,400 statues on it! 

Beautiful Milano, Galleria Vittorio. Away from the Milan Cathedral

Seriously speaking here, not that I don’t think the Milan Cathedral is amazing, a lot of people know about it. if you want to browse or enjoy shopping, check out the oldest (still working) mall in ALL of Italy – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – this mall is so unique, I know what you’re thinking but go anyway! It’ll be a fun memory. 

Naviglio Grande, Milan Italy

15The Naviglio Grande – I had to save the best for last… This is… Just look at it. This is a canal in Milan! This canal is absolutely stunning, it connects the Ticino river to the Porta Ticinese dock.

Here is a complimentary video of me living the vagrant lifestyle in Milan for a period of time in 2017 (Spoiler alert) I ended up in Mestre at the end of the video, towards Venice.