The Best Mountains to Visit in North Carolina in 2022

Today we’ll find out what some of the best mountains in North Carolina history are, at least in my opinion

If you have any additional opinions on the gorgeous North Carolina mountains feel free to throw a comment below

Best mountains to visit in NC

Mount Mitchell 

  • Firstly I have to go with Mitchell because of the absolute insane height
  • This massive mountain is the largest of the mountains in North Carolina at a staggering elevation of 6,684 (2,037 meters) It is also the highest mountain of all East of the Mississippi
  • The mountain is named after Dr. Elisha Mitchell who discovered that this mountain was indeed the highest in North Carolina. Down the timeline in 1857 he fell off of Mount Mitchell and died
  • I of course had to include the gorgeous Mount Mitchell in my list of best mountains to visit in NC because not only is this a beautiful mountain but it’s the largest in the entire state
  • Location: 35 miles North East of downtown Asheville. Drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and then NC highway 128. You can drive the entire way to the summit
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Best mountains to visit in NC

Stone Mountain

  • Stone Mountain in North Carolina is one of the most unique mountains I have ever seen
  • The first sight of this mountainous beauty will leave you gasping for air considering how astonishing it is
  • Technically this mountain consists of granite which is 358 – 419 million years old. That’s right, MILLIONS. You could think of this mountain as a granite mountain 
  • Years ago many people lived here in self-sufficient communities resting in their own hand-made log cabins 
  • The Stone Mountain Park was legitimately established in 1969
  • Location: Six miles southwest of Roaring Gap. From I-77 North, take Exit #83/Hwy 21 North/Sparta/Roaring Gap (you will exit from the left lane). ( 
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Craggy Dome

  • This mountain will give you some phenomenal views as long as you navigate the bushy areas finely
  • This mountain is the tenth highest in the Eastern United States
  • You can climb this mountain any time during the year. However, during the winter The Blue Ridge Parkway bit is closed
  • Climb this mountain when you have some good weather because this mountain can get unbelievably muddy. However, if you love mud, maybe you will want to wait until you get a wonderful thunderstorm
  • Location: Directly across THe Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Check out The Craggy Dome hike
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Mount Lyn Lowry

  • The amazing elevation of this mountain is over 6,200 feet
  • This mountain was originally called Jones Knob. However, it was renamed in 1965 in honor of a Leukemia victim named Lyn Lowry. There is a large memorial to commemorate Lyn Lowry which is in the figure of a cross that Lowry’s parents installed. This was one of her favorite vacation spots
  • There are picnic areas, fabulous views, a great environment, lots of oxygen, and some history here
  • For the best mountains to visit in NC, Mount Lyn Lowry is definitely one of them 
  • Location: In the Plott Balsams 
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Best mountains to visit in NC

Eaglenest Mountain

  • The elevation of Eaglenest Mountain is roughly 5,000 feet
  • Eaglenest Mountain gets its name from a hotel named Eagle Nest Hotel built by S. C. Satterthwaite who was originally from Waynesville, North Carolina. Sadly The Eagle Nest Hotel does not exist anymore because it was burnt down in 1918
  • The closest town to Eaglenest is Hazelwood (accessible by vehicle) You may want to stock up on some food and snacks here. There is, however, lodging and other accommodations a lot closer. In fact, they are so close that they are on Eaglenest Mountain
  • You would be hardpressed to find better mountains to visit than Eaglenest. In my opinion, this mountain highly deserves the coveted role in the list of best mountains to visit in NC. 
  • You can find many hiking trails on Eaglesnest Mountain as well as scenic views 
  • Location: 2 miles South of Maggie Valley
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Mount Guyot

  • The unbelievable elevation of Mount Guyot is 6,621 feet!
  • Between the wildlife, wilderness, unique eccentricities, and smells Mount Guyot is a definite must-see  
  • Mount Guyot receives its name in honor of a geographer and geologist named Arnold H. Guyot who died in 1884
  • If you can I recommend checking this mountain out at night
  • Mount Guyot is a part of The Great Eastern Smoky Mountains, dense with spruce trees  
  • The Appalachian Trail does run through Mount Guyot and it is one of my all-time favorite sections
  • Location: Haywood County
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Best mountains to visit in NC

Mount Kephart

  • Mount Kephart is another amazing mountain with a massive elevation of 6,217 feet
  • This mountain is also a part of The Great Smoky Mountains and which the Appalachian Trail runs through
  • The name is derived from Horace Kephart who was an author and was early in forming a National Park in the Smoky Mountains
  • Mount Kephart in my opinion deserves a spot on the Best Mountains to visit in NC right off the bat with its unbelievable scenic views 
  • Location: Swain County
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