Is it Safe to Travel to Croatia in 2022?

Today we’ll go through the data and figure out if going to Croatia in 2022 is an actual viable plan of action

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is it safe to travel to Croatia?

Covid-19 in Croatia

  • Is it safe to travel to Croatia with the coronavirus? Well, you can very well potentially travel to Croatia right now. However, there are some things that you should know before traversing the country of Croatia
  • As of writing this now, you do need to show proof of vaccination or Covid-19 negative test results If you are in the EU
  • If you are outside of The European Union you may find trouble when trying to get into Croatia, if you are able to show proof of vaccination or a Covid-19 negative test rests, this is great. However, there is still more, you still need a reason behind why you want to travel to Croatia so think about this very carefully
  • Outdoor public gatherings are not able to go over 200 people as if this pertains to you but who knows… I bet one of you out there planned on bringing over 200 friends to an absolute mammoth of a party in the elegant lands of Croatia 

The average price for a round trip ticket to Croatia


is it safe to travel to Croatia?


  • August is usually the warmest month of the year with an average temperature of 25 C (77 degrees Fahrenheit) 
  • January is the coldest month of the year at an average of 9.4 C (48.9 degrees Fahrenheit) 
  • I would come here in the summer, it will be such an extravagant experience not only because of the atmosphere but because the weather doesn’t get too hot or too cold
  • In summary, is it safe to travel to Croatia with the weather here? I think you know the answer to this question, abso-freaking-lootely! 
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is it safe to travel to Croatia?

My non-professional and personal opinion

  • I love beaches; therefore, I hold Croatia in very high regard no matter what kind of potential pandemic we are currently going through
  • If you are older than the average population or are suffering from multiple comorbidities you may want to travel somewhere closer to home. However, this is totally up to you, if you are set on traveling to Croatia, live your dreams
  • Croatia has wonderful food, beaches, life, animals, locals, environments to feast your eyes upon, is cheaper than a lot of places, wonderful national parks, snorkeling, and phenomenal history 
  • This virus could last forever, years, months, weeks, we do not know. I encourage you to figure out how highly you value this trip. If going to Croatia is very high on your list, go for your dreams and live a life that has seen this wonderful country

Croatia’s current Covid-19 rates

  • In total, so far Croatia has experienced over 1.1 million cases and almost 16,000 deaths
  • A few months before writing this Croatia was at an average 7-day rate of over 8,700 people. Currently, the 7-day rate is at 1,200. 
  • With that being said, things are looking phenomenal so far. However, be sure to check the current rates because they could go back up. 
  • Is it safe to travel to Croatia according to the Covid-19 rates? It appears that it’s tremendously safer than the previous months. If this trajectory continues, we will see expansive tourist growth and possibly months in the future with no Covid-19 cases
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is it safe to travel to Croatia?

Croatia Travel Tips

  • One of my largest tips for traversing the country of Croatia is to enjoy some of the best beaches on the planet. This country is loaded when it comes to stunning water and out of this world beach life
  • I would advise you to go here in the summer, but hey if you want to go there when it’s a bit colder that’s magnificent. Especially because there is a fraction of the number of tourists in the winter than there are in the summer
  • Speaking of tourists, Croatia hasn’t been hit by the tourist boom yet, so you can comfortably enjoy Croatia without Paris-like crowds decking you in the face with their soaking wet elbows 
  • Always bring a water bottle wherever you go, this will save you time and money. Two very luxurious items throughout life 
  • Take heed of the weather whenever you are going to be in Croatia. At first, this may seem like an obvious tip; however, a lot of people don’t check this often. When I say check I mean constantly check because weather changes rapidly as I am sure you are very well aware
  • If I were to give you one single tip for traveling Croatia… It would be to live in the moment, for a moment forget about all the things you want to achieve and the places you want to visit in Croatia. Roam around and live in the absolute moment, let your intuition be your guide, and see where you wind up
  • Even if you aren’t too into history, try reading up a little bit about Croatia before going. This can sometimes get you even more excited and enhance your overall experience 
  • Try to find restaurants that are only labeled in Croatian, these could be of the highest tier of sustenance in all of the lands of Croatia 
  • Constantly look around you to figure out a mental map of your area and as a bonus, this could turn you into a much more confident traveler