Is it safe to travel right now with the coronavirus?

Coronavirus travel

The coronavirus may be around for a much, much longer period. We could be talking hundreds of years here. Is it safe to travel?

 Does this mean you should get used to trying to find a job that allows you to stop that so hated commute and fall into the shadows of the world? Maybe, if that’s what you truly desire; however if you don’t want to turn into an indoor vegetable, you don’t have to. 

Of course, this will mean you need to forego the revolutionary idea of never getting COVID. The more you travel, the more you go outside, the higher your statistical odds will be in terms of obtaining this virus. Weigh the pros and cons of your age and the condition of your overall health. 

The most important key: Try to remain as healthy as you can, work out, do some cardiovascular exercise and mix in some weights here and there. Eat what you want but make sure to mix in some greenery. I’m not here to convert you to paleo, fruitarianism, or veganism. Eat what you want, just make sure your body is getting some greens. 

Safe to travel with COVID?


  • You could travel somewhere and live like a monk inside the apartment building
  • You could travel and try to keep your distance from people
  • You could move somewhere in the wilderness and start your camping journey with a very low likelihood of obtaining the virus.
  • You could say “I don’t care about the virus” and proceed to where you want to go like normal.
  • You could travel to suburban areas, lessening the overall percentage of human interactions.
  • You could travel like normal and implement screaming at everyone so that you don’t have to get close to them
  • You could travel to nearby cities that you never visited so that you don’t need to get on airplanes
  • You could traverse the local wilderness and try to find some cool caves, though you might not need to worry about the coronavirus. In this case, you still better be careful of those bears, they can be quite unforgiving.

An important factor: 

  • Remember to look up the city, state, or country that you plan to visit before you go running down there like a rabid raccoon. The place may not even be allowing travelers. That would run quite the dampening effect on your mood. 
  • Cities, states, and countries can vary greatly on how they’re approaching the coronavirus. In some places like Costa Rica, most people can visit without hesitation. In other places like Canada, you must be very careful because they’re wary of many travelers. 

Overall recommendations:

  • Take occasional immune-boosting supplements. For example, elderberries.
  • Utilize daily cardiovascular exercise
  • Try to get fabulous sleep
  • Wash your hands and cook those meals beautifully
  • Try as much as you can to lower smoking and alcoholic beverages 
  • Eat whole foods instead of eating a bunch of candy while you’re traveling as I have done… Many, many times.
  • Add a little bit of turmeric to your food
  • If you need some fabulous travel items before heading out – check these out


  • Remember, you could always buy a fully refundable airplane ticket just in case something happens before the flight

New scenarios:

  • You could always opt-in for travel insurance even though you may be a person that NEVER gets it. Maybe this time for a more confident mind, you can purchase travel insurance.
Is it safe to travel with COVID?


Will I be better off waiting and seeing if COVID gets better?

  • I have some bad news for you here. Sadly we don’t have access to see the future. 

What if COVID gets worse?

  • Then you will have to make an informed decision wherever you currently would be. Unless of course, you get COVID. Then things get a lot more difficult because you may be forced to quarantine and stay put for a while. The quarantine status also varies greatly from country to country. In many countries, you will be forced to pay random hotel fees and insane travel fees. 

Are there traveling jobs during COVID?

  • Yes, there are still jobs for travelers during COVID. You could still gain employment through many avenues, like bartending, dishwashing, cleaning. This of course can vary greatly and you’ll have to do specific research for this avenue. 

What if I get COVID before my plane takes off from my country?

  • Well… You are certainly an unlucky citizen. You will have to go by the current country quarantine code.

Is there a loophole to get away from COVID vaccines and COVID tests?

  • You are on the wrong website, over here we try to keep it as close to legal as possible (for the most part)

Will I be forced to wear a mask wherever I travel to?

  • You will have to research the specific country and place you want to visit to find that information out.