Top 10 secret things to do in Miami, Florida 

If you are captivated by traveling off the beaten path and into the world of the unknown… you are in for a special retreat for that is what you are going to get

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Secret things in Miami

10. Stiltsville 

  • If you have ever wanted to try out stilts, this is your time to shine. Unfortunately, I’m kidding. This is a place where a group of houses standing on stilts resides
  • The way this place was started is a funny story. There was a man with a plan. His plan involved gambling even when things were illegal. How did he get over this hefty fence you ask? Well, he created a house that technically wasn’t on the land. When he wasn’t a degenerate gambler, he was selling bait and beer from his ol’ fashioned shack
  • Do you really believe I could not include this unique area on a secret things in Miami list? No way Jose! 
  • Of course, I will highly recommend viewing the phenomenal world of stilts. 
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Secret things in Miami

9. Morning side Park

  • Not only is this an amazing park in it itself but if you want a relaxing workout, this park has a world-class outside workout area
  • If you are bringing kids along, this may just be the most remarkable area on the entirety of this list
  • Not sold yet? Behold the out of the world sunsets that are thriving in this neck of the woods
  • If you still aren’t too interested in partaking in what Morning Side Park has to offer you may need to check out some of the other captivating areas that we have in store for you on this list
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Secret things in Miami

8. Maurice A. Ferré Park

  • Though this park isn’t a well-kept secret… I find it incredibly despairing that the park seems so empty compared to some of its much worse-looking counterparts
  • Whether you enjoy art, elegant scenery, phenomenal trees, or going for a picnic… this park will not only suit your needs but uplift your vigor for life itself
  • My favorite thing about this park is the area, I think this is a key area for urban exploration. You can search the nearby area for many inquisitive items 
  • All in all, you cannot go wrong when it comes to the ultimate beauty in that is the Maurice A. Ferré Park
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Secret things in Miami

7. Cape Florida Lighthouse

  • This place is unbelievable, I’ll never forget the first time I witnessed the sight of the Cape Florida Lighthouse
  • If you do decide to go to the Cape Florida Lighthouse, make sure you go take a hike on the Robin’s Birding Trail while you are over here
  • Just heading to the Cape Florida Lighthouse is going to be an extravagant trip, you will undoubtedly love it
  • Though this isn’t my number one pick, it’s a large favorite considering the mesmerizing area that it sits in
  • When it comes to secret things in Miami, The Cape Florida Lighthouse has to be on the list
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Secret things in Miami

6.  The Venetian Pools

  • This is another area that has been discovered by many people… However, I believe it’s so good that it deserves a spot on this list 
  • Whether you have kids with you on this luxurious trip or not…. You are going to be pleasantly surprised when you arrive here, especially if you are into unique architecture
  • If you love swimming you must come here, even if it’s just one day. One day of pure relaxation, just imagine it. It’s going to be amazing
  • For Secret things in Miami, The Venetian Pools may not be a secret but it’s worth coming to, come on over!
  • With this, I would highly recommend setting yourself up with some time to attack this because… let’s just say, there’s a lot of pool
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Secret things in Miami

5. Trek through The Everglades 

  • Though you may know about The Everglades, you probably haven’t ever trekked through it, am I correct? At first, you may say “No way Jose” However, The Everglades is more than just a pit of large snakes.
  • The Everglades is the largest subtropical wilderness In North America. Did you know there are actually animals on the list of endangered species here?
  • Though I’ve listed some good things… You probably won’t encounter any pythons. However, it is possible so if you do have an enormous fear of snakes… It’s probably best not to pursue this trek
  • Also if you do decide to come to The Everglades, remember to bring clothes and sprays for mosquitos… There are many different kinds living here in The Everglades
  • My favorite thing about The Everglades is the utter beauty surrounding the area
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4. Morningside Picnic Islands

  • This to me is one of the most remarkable areas in all the United States
  • You’re going to fall in love quickly with this little island. Though as you can imagine, you will have to find a way over to it. Whether this includes utilizing a kayak or a boat, that is up to you
  • Everything about this island is an adventure, if this sounds fun to you… you are in for a world-class treat that will form memories that you will have forever
  • If you do decide to pursue The Morningside Picnic Islands, make sure you allow a lot of time for not only getting there but exploring the islands
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3. Giralda Plaza

  • You will love this place when you are looking for a time to purely relax and feel the local vibrations
  • This is an excellent low-populated area to sit down eat, play games, sightsee and talk
  • Giralda Plaza will be key in your life if you want to check out a beautiful little area without large crowds, they even have movies and music on the weekends
  • When it comes to secret things in Miami, one must attend Giralda Plaza
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Secret things in Miami

2. Rent a bike and cycle next to the beach

  • Don’t tell anyone but this is definitely my real number one. Though I am a bit biased considering my love for cycling could be regarded as enormous
  • Even if at first you are quite hesitant when it comes to cycling next to the beach, just try it. I promise you it will be at least five percent better than it seems
  • If you can, when you do go cycling next to the beach, try to bring a friend or meet someone and ride with them
  • You will be intoxicated with elegance on your ride in Miami next to the beach, your worries will momentarily be completely gone 
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Secret things in Miami

1. Neptune Memorial Reef

  • This is the world’s largest man-made reef at an astounding 40 feet
  • One of the most interesting things I have found anywhere near Miami is this fabulous little creation. 
  • If you do manage to get down here, enjoy it because not many people get the chance to come down here and witness this mesmerizing field of life
  • Now I must tell you that this also serves as an incredibly expensive burial site that you can choose to actually get buried at
  • The total area of the Neptune Memorial Reef at the moment is around half an acre. However, the current planned expansion is to reach 16 entire acres!
  • In terms of secret things in Miami, The Neptune Memorial Reef is about as secret as it gets considering one must go underwater just to reach it
  • Overall I would highly recommend coming to The Neptune Memorial Reef because it’s an extravagantly unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime
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