Best 10 Year Anniversary Trip ideas 2022

Today we’ll discuss what are potentially the best 10 year anniversary trip ideas for 2022. However, they might be the best of all time

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You may not recognize some of these areas, I tried to include at least a couple that aren’t too well known… yet

Kauai, Hawaii

10 year anniversary trip ideas 2022
  • If you both love beaches, flowers, and mountains, Kauai will suit both of your needs
  • The age of this island is an unbelievable 5.1+ million years old also making it the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands
  • Kauai, Hawaii is known as the garden island of all the Hawaiian Islands. This is because of its unique flower arrangement which is why many of the people across the world that find this out, come here! At least if they are into flowers. However, there are many more reasons to love this island besides just the flowers
  • Jurassic Park was filmed in Kauai
  • As far as 10 year anniversary trip ideas 2022 go… Kauai, Hawaii is on top of the world
  • One fun fact you might be interested in hearing is that Kauai has the most beaches out of any Hawaiian island
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Isla Del Cano, Costa Rica

Traveling to Isle Del Cano, Costa Rica
  • This place is breathtaking, and if you are into scuba diving, Isla Del Cano will be even more phenomenal
  • This island is on the West Coast of Costa Rica and one I firmly believe people should visit more often
  • The island seemed to have been formed around 50 million years ago
  • Isla Del Cano was known to be a tremendous trading area along the Pacific Coast 
  • For this Island my biggest recommendation would be to go scuba diving, this island is in my opinion a world-class scuba diving spot. If one of you or both of you haven’t been scuba diving, I immensely recommend doing it in Isla Del Cano
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Valencia, Spain

10 year anniversary trip ideas 2022
  • Spain has so many luxurious spots. However, if I had to pick one dedicated towards anniversary trips, Valencia takes the cake
  • It truly is a gift to go through this city. The vibrations, the aura, the smells, and the immense person-to-person experiences you receive here are otherworldly
  • Out of all the cities on this list, If I were to bet on your future enjoyment with just one of these cities… I would probably go with Valencia, Spain at least 9/10 times.
  • The beaches are so unique, the architecture is so unique, the people are so unique… This city encapsulates a specific sense of uniqueness that I haven’t found in many other places on the planet 
  • For the history buffs out there, Valencia was founded by The Romans. You can expect some gorgeous monuments along with intrinsic historically relevant information
  • The largest market in the entirety of Europe… It lives in Valencia
  • Valencia has to go on a list of 10 year anniversary trip ideas 2022
  • Seriously… This place radiates absolute elegance, the place is outstanding in almost every single kind of way. I highly encourage you to come to Valencia, Spain at some point in your life
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Byron Bay, Australia

10 year anniversary trip ideas 2022
  • I give you one of the best beach spots on the planet, Bryon Bay, Australia 
  • Byron Bay is another place where if you are into scuba diving, you are certainly going to be having a lot of fun
  • I would recommend going and seeing the Cape Byron Lighthouse, you’ll get lost in the transcendent atmosphere immediately
  • If you come here, check out Wategos Beach, it’s an amazing experience
  • If both of you are into hiking, you will also get to participate in some fabulous hikes here
  • Bryon Bay in my opinion deserves to be on the list of 10 year anniversary trip ideas 2022 considering the luscious expansion of life it provides travelers
  •  My favorite feature of Byron Bay is the world-class surfing. If you have never surfed, I encourage you to try it here. This would be incredible, learning to surf at Byron Bay, what a story to tell people! You are looking at one of the best surf spots on the planet, this place has some of the best surfing atmospheres you’ll find anywhere in the world
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Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands
  • The Faroe Islands are West of Norway and as you can imagine… Are out of this world
  • Mountains, waterfalls, scenic views, breathtaking nature, and wonderful overall vibrations
  • Sadly, the Faroe Islands are unknown to a lot of people, which you can certainly capitalize on considering there aren’t too many tourists… yet
  • The somewhat uncharted territory of The Faroe Islands will inevitably change considering the homey kind of vibrations they give
  • Technically speaking The Faroe Islands are a part of Denmark and buses are actually free to use in the capital (Tórshavn)
  • If you love sheep, you’ll love it here because there are so many sheep that they outnumber people by a lot 
  • There are a huge sum total of traffic lights on The Faroe Islands numbering an unbelievable 5! 
  • Of all the Nordic countries, The Faroe Islands has the warmest average temperature throughout the year
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Bordeaux, France

10 year anniversary trip ideas 2022
  • This one is for the couples that love European architecture
  • Bordeaux captures the beauty of European architecture with a side of passion perfectly in my opinion of all the cities in Europe that aren’t next to a vast body of water
  • Do you love wine? You may fall in love on a trip to Bordeaux considering they have some of the best wine of all time. If you have time go and see the actual wine vineyards in Bordeaux
  • If you haven’t been to Paris, I would recommend it. However, Bordeaux is a much more manageable city than Paris. It’s a tight fit whereas Paris is all over the place
  • If you are a creative type, you will surely enjoy the outlet of creativity that Bordeaux will encompass
  • When and if you do indeed visit Bordeaux, visit the reflecting pool considering it’s the largest on the entire planet. It also has the largest city square in all of Europe
  • Bordeaux also has one of the longest pedastrian specific walking streets in all of Europe
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Casablanca, Morocco

Go to Casablanca, Morocco
  • If both of you are a fan of the movie, you must see the real Casablanca
  • The actual area of Casablanca is marvelous, there’s quite a lot to do here if you are into events. Music and party wise
  • As far as area-specific things you can do, you can go on a camel tour, visit Marrakech, and go see the Hassan Mosque… Which I highly recommend, as it’s an unbelievable sight to see in person. It is also the largest mosque in all of Africa and the 5th largest mosque on the planet
  • Casablanca was previously a part of the French part of Morocco
  • The entire city of Casablanca was abandoned because of the earthquake of 1755. Don’t worry now though because it has thankfully recovered, quite beautifully might I add
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Osaka, Japan

10 year anniversary trip ideas 2022
  • If you or your significant other have not visited Asia, I can hardly think of a better first trip than Osaka. You will be in for the most exquisite culture shock of your life
  • Are you into beautiful cities, architecture, liveliness, fabulous personalities, flowers, boating, or immense nature? Osaka is going to blow more than your socks off
  • Osaka means large hill, it is the third-largest city in all of Japan and there’s a magnificent castle here
  • This city has some of the best parks in the world, if you decide to come here, you must visit Nakanoshima Park. It will leave you in such a relaxed state that you will not want to leave
  • In my opinion, Osaka deserves one of the highest tiers in regards to the list of 10 year anniversary trip ideas 2022
  • The incredible hospitality that locals will provide here in Osaka is off the charts. Maybe I am biased since I have a lot of love for Osaka but it seems as if the locals here provide a higher sense of hospitality than in many other places
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