Is it safe to travel to Italy in 2022?

Today, I’m going to analyze the question ‘is it safe to travel to Italy in 2022?’ and see if this is a possibility. Come with me on this elegant trip to a beautiful wonderland of questions and answers.

Covid in Italy

Italy’s borders are open. To get into Italy, you must either be vaccinated or pass a test. Depending on where you’re coming from non-vaccinated people might need to pass a test and also be quarantined for a certain period of time. The list of countries able to travel into Italy is always changing.

The average price for a round trip ticket to Italy: 


As of right now Italy’s only blocking travel from:

  • South Africa 
  • Lesotho
  • Botswana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Eswatini
  • Malawi

My non-professional and personal opinion 

If your country isn’t blocked from visiting Italy and you have the time… DO IT! Italy is in my top 5 favorite country’s that I’ve ever been to. 

  • Italy’s culture is highly distinguished.
  • The food in Italy is out of this world, you’ll learn so many things about cooking that you didn’t think of. I’m not saying you’re going to come back from Italy as a chef but you’re going to come back from Italy as a chef. 
  • Is it safe to travel to Italy? Is it too safe to travel anywhere? Be cautious and safe, this is my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s a smart thing to do. However, I’m very known for pursuing absurd tasks.
  • This virus could last for an incredibly long time, maybe for the rest of our lives. This has been one of my largest recent conceptualizations. If this is true, we choose to either live as safe as humanely possible (could be equated to dying in a different way) or say forget about it and continue your eccentric existence
  • Of course, this choice will vary considerably depending on our personal circumstances. For example, if you have co-morbidities, age, other risk factors that theoretically put you at a higher percent of danger than others. These are all things that we must take highly into consideration. 

Italy’s current covid rates: 

  • At the time of writing this Italy’s covid rates have been spiraling on a downward trajectory. The 7-day average has been 58,000 (of new cases) compared to a month ago when the 7-day average was almost 200,000.
  • Compared to other countries this is higher and lower than some. For example, it’s much lower than Germany’s covid rates. The 7-day average of 58,000 is also a lot higher than say Czech Republic’s 18,000.
  • Looking at these statistics is important but one non-trivial data point must be viewed. That data point is the overall population in these countries. For example the population in Italy is 59 million. Guess what the population is in the Czech Republic? The population is only 10 million in the Czech Republic.
  • Now that we’ve looked at the overall population… Check out the data on the total cases. 
  • Czech Republic: 3.47 million
  • Italy: 12.3 million

  • Once you factor in the population, things don’t seem that bad anymore, do they? Now don’t get me wrong, within certain data analysis it could seem even worse but not in this specific case.
Is it safe to travel to Italy

Italy travel tips

  • As I’m sure you’ve heard before… Be care of pickpockets, they happen in many places besides just Italy though. The stereotype can force you to believe it only happens in Italy; however, this is quite a false concept. 
  • Talk to the locals to quickly figure out where the real juicy territories are. If you want to find out where the best restaurants are or the cheapest places, locals will know a lot of information
  • If you’re older and traveling alone, try to travel with someone or be extra cautious. A lot of criminals primarily take advantage of older folks.
  • Take time to live in the absolute moment and enjoy what has been bestowed upon you. Instead of overthinking about every single area, forming the idea that you need to reach x, y, and z. Deeply breathe, over and over while taking in every single little thing in your nearby environment
  • If you don’t get bored to death by history, read a little about the city before or during your stay. 
  • Be wary of the weather… One of the times I went to Italy I automatically assumed it was going to be warm because of the month… It was anything but warm, I felt like an Iguana during a blizzard in Antarctica. 
  •  When utilizing buses and trains. You need to use the ticket inside the machine to validate it. For example, you could keep an unvalidated ticket without riding a bus or train. However, once you prepare for a journey, you must validate the ticket in the machine directly before you board the bus or train. 
  • When you see a restaurant menu translating their food to English, stay away! Go to the real deal Italian restaurants
  • Always bring a water bottle, wherever you go. This way you have the magical ability to overflow it with some extraordinary water. This will save you a lot of money in the long run and with the bonus of comfortability
  • In Italy, there’s a real danger no matter where you are. You might always assume you’re safe but you’re not. The real danger we are talking about here are the taxis. They have the ability to go EVERYWHERE. I’m not kidding, you might be in your hotel thinking you’re okay. Alright, the statistical probability of one ramming into your hotel is pretty low but it’s possible. My point is that taxis go all over the place so exercise heavy caution no matter where are you.
  • Similar to the point above, try to always look around you and establish what’s around your direct environment. This will help you a lot throughout life
  • Is it safe to travel to Italy? Use the information given to make a thought out decision
Is it safe to travel to italy?