The Secret Japanese Travel Guide

Hey, welcome to my Japanese travel guide!

Today we’ll discuss your first time in Japan along with some key, less-traveled areas for you to venture to in Japan 

If you have any key knowledge about Japan, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page, thanks!

Traveling to Japan

Japanese travel guide
  • If this is your first trip to Asia you are going to be completely culture shocked. Be prepared… For immense enjoyment and wonderful times ahead
  • I am sure you flew before but if you haven’t you can prepare yourself more by watching videos on YouTube where people are flying. This helps many people get at least a little bit more comfortable with the act of flying.
  • This wouldn’t be a Japanese travel guide if I didn’t talk about language. Don’t worry, you do not need to speak Japanese. Just try to learn a few phrases. For example:
  • Hello – Konnichi wa
  • Good night – Oyasumi nasai
  • How are you? – Hajimemashite
  • More phrases
  • You don’t need to purchase a Japanese Rail Pass. However, it does help and makes traversing the country of Japan much easier
  • Make sure you remember to purchase a Japanese travel adapter so you can charge your phone without being forced to buy a $50 adapter at the airport
  • Feel free to bow, it’s very common in Japan. When you see people bow to you, just simply bow to them back
  • You may be used to tipping. However, in Japan tipping is a sign of disgrace. You do not want to tip in Japan unless you want to create a lifelong enemy

Secret areas in Japan

Japanese travel guide
  • Kochi is a place in Japan on the island of Shikoku. Many native Japanese people might know about this spot. It’s one of my favorite spots in all of Japan, mostly because if you are into beaches and surfing… You will be hardpressed to find a better area in Japan than Kochi
  • Many tourists don’t know about Aso-Kuju National Park which if you adore greenery and mountains… You will obsess over this place. You will be trembling with excitement the minute you see this work of art. The name of this park comes from the largest active volcano in Japan which is Mount Aso. The rest of the name goes along with the Kuju Mountains
  • Bentenzaki Park, many natives of Japan may not even know about this elegant place. This park is located on Iki Island which is directly West of Fukuoka. I enjoy where this park is located, near the water and the way it is set up is easy to enjoy. You can come here on a day you seek pure unbridled relaxation
  • Shihōzashi Sightseeing Tower. This place is located on Shōdo Island. It not only gives a fabulous view but it itself is a marvelous little architectural beauty. Unfortunately, this is quite an unknown area to many people, though I am not sure I want that to change.
  • I absolutely must put the city of Kyoto on a Japanese travel guide because this is such a historic city. Beyond just being the oldest city in all of Japan, it also has some of the most unique architecture on the planet
  • One of the most majestic sights that can be seen in Japan in my opinion… Lake Inawashiro, with the water, mountains, and overall scenery… It is completely mindblowing, a Japanese Alaska if you will
  • A unique spot in Japan is a place that has potentially the longest bench on the planet formed in 1989! To boot it’s directly in front of an elegant beach, though I wouldn’t rate this spot the highest on the list… I fully believe it deserves a spot on the Japanese travel guide. You can find this incredibly lengthy bench on the Masuhogaura Coast.
  • Chūbu-Sangaku National Park is a monumental area on the planet. However, this may not be the most unknown area on the planet. If you don’t know about this place, I’m thankful that you found this guide because you must come here. Think Japanese Rocky Mountains, gorgeous water, and immensely beautiful trees.
  • If you are into swords, Nagamachi, Kanazawa is the place to go. This could be considered what we can call a samurai village. Considering how into the world of Japanese samurai I am, I had to put this on the Japanese travel guide. This place is very old and very cool, go check it out.


Japanese travel guide
  • I would highly encourage you to travel to Japan. It will most likely be one of the most extraordinary memories of your life. If you were born somewhere in Asia, traveling to Japan may not be the most life-altering experience. However, I would still highly encourage it because Japan is really unlike any place on planet Earth