Top 10 cheap vacations on the planet 

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Today I’m going to talk to you about some wonderful and surprising cheap vacation spots that I’ve been to. 

You don’t need to go to expensive places to have the best time of your life

  1. Sofia, Bulgaria 
Cheap vacations, Sofia
  • A Cheap day in Sofia, Bulgaria: $18 
  • Many hostels in Sofia can be under $10 per day, with hotels being around $13+
  • Are these real prices? They absolutely are, if you want higher though I am sure you’ll be able to find them!
  • What about the food prices though? The food is exceptionally cheap. In my personal experience you could on average buy full meals with $8+ 
  • Sofia to me will always be one of the most special cities on the planet
  • I can say definitively that there are at least 1 or 2 things here that you’ll enjoy intensely. You just have to Sofia and find it.
  • One of my highest recommendations, when you come to Sofia, is just to go to The National Palace of Culture Park. It’s one of the most elegant parks on the planet. There are lots of benches, waterfalls, trails, and it’s very close to the metro. You HAVE to visit this place, it’s unbelievable.
  • I would recommend staying at least 3 days here
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  1. Pristina, Kosovo
Cheap vacations, Kosovo
  • A cheap day in Pristina, Kosovo: $14
  • You can expect to pay around $10 for cheap hostels and $16+ for a hotel
  • When you’re looking for food you can expect to pay around: $4+
  • Pristina is one of the hidden treasures of the world and it very well deserves to wind up on a list of cheap vacations. 
  • Pristina is the kind of place that you visit and appreciate the fact that there are barely any tourists. Especially if you compare this to say Prague
  • This place will not only satisfy you but you also won’t have to break up with your significant other over the expenses
  • I would recommend staying here at least 2-3 days
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  1. Mostar, Bosnia, and Herzegovina
  • A cheap day in Mostar, Bosnia, and Herzegovina: $14
  • If you’re looking for a cheap hostel you’ll pay around $8+ and $15+ for a hotel
  • The qualification for a cheap meal in Mostar will cost you around: $6+
  • If you can appreciate bridge architecture, you’ll adore this city.
  • The people are so nice in this city just make sure you talk to the locals if you want to jump off the Old Mostar Bridge. People can get angry if you just head over and jump. There are locals near the bridge that jump every so often so if you aren’t keen on jumping you’ll be able to watch others jump
  • If you’re looking for a wonderful spot for one of your cheap vacations, Mostar will be perfect
  • I would recommend the simple act of getting lost in this city, you’ll fall in love quickly!
  • I would recommend staying here at least 2 days
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  1. Trieste, Italy
  • A cheap day in Trieste, Italy: $28+
  • If you’re looking for a cheap hostel here you’ll pay at least $17+ and $30+ for a hotel
  • When you decide to find a ravishing meal in Trieste, you’ll pay around 11$+
  • I know, I know, for cheap vacations this is the most expensive place on the list. If your budget is a little more I would advise you to come to Trieste, it’s such a phenomenal town. It’s one of the most special places on the planet to me
  • The locals and scenery are completely stunning!
  • I would recommend staying here at least 1 day
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  1. Podgorica, Montenegro
A cheap vacation, Podgorica, Montenegro
  • A cheap day in Podgorica, Montenegro: $18
  • When you’re looking for the cheap hostel type of lifestyle, you can expect to pay $8+ with hotels you’ll pay around $14+
  • During the times you’re hungry and eat out, you can expect to pay: $10+
  • You’re going to have so much fun in Podgorica
  • Podgorica to me is an absolute city of leisure, relax and enjoy the city. 
  • When you have time in this city, walk across the Millennium Bridge. This bridge is a marvel.
  • I would recommend staying here for at least 2 days
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  1. Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina
Hitchhiking to Sarajevo, cheap travel
Hitchhiked to Sarajevo
  • A cheap day in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina: $17
  • If you want to stay in the cheapest hostels in Sarajevo, you’ll be looking at $8+ while hotels will cost you $12+
  • The food you’ll pay for in restaurants will equal a sum of ~$9+
  • Sarajevo is a city that’s incredibly easy to meet some of the most unique individuals you’ve ever met
  • One thing I’m certain about is that you’re going to adore at least 1 thing about Sarajevo
  • Walk around the city, enjoy a hike around the surrounding mountains. It’s easy to have a lot of fun in this city.
  • Some of the colors of distinct areas you’ll run into in Sarajevo will take you by surprise
  • When you’re in Sarajevo take the time to check out Sebilj, The Latin Bridge, and the Sarajevo tunnel museum
  • I would recommend staying here for at least 2-3 days
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  1. Tivat, Montenegro
Tivat, Montenegro
  • A cheap day in Tivat, Montenegro: $16
  • The cheapest hostels in the area will set you back $10+ and the beautiful hotels will cost roughly $14+
  • A wonderful meal in the city of Tivat will cost you at least around $6+
  • Tivat is a beautiful beach town, wherever you are you’re close to everything
  • This place is best for giving you a calm composure. Great for relaxing when you need to think, work, or if you need time to rest
  • I accidentally found Tivat due to meeting a friend and I had such an extravagant time. I was surprised how wonderful everyone treats each other
  • In terms of cheap vacations, you cannot go wrong with Tivat
  • I recommend staying here for 1-2 days. Then spend some time in the nearby cities of Budva and Kotor
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  1. Athens, Greece
Cheap travel in Athens, Greece
  • A cheap day in Athens, Greece: $20
  • For times you want to stay in the cheapest hostels in Athens, you’ll spend $9+ for when you want a hotel that’ll cost around $14+
  • When you’re dining in a gorgeous Greek restaurant, you can assume you’ll pay at least $11+
  • Athens is one of the greatest cities ever, especially in terms of historic value
  • This totally hit me by surprise but if you want to get a more local scene, go near the water.
  • I will give you a warning though, Athens can be heavily populated with tourists. If you want to go to Athens during a less populated time, come here from November through March
  • There’s one thing you must do when you go to Athens and that’s to hike up some of the mountains you see! The view you’ll get to internalize will set your soul free.
  • I recommend staying in Athens for at least 2-3 days. Then spend some time on the nearby islands. (My favorite of the islands are, Santorini, Crete and Mykonos.
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  1. Split, Croatia 
Cheap vacations in Split, Croatia
  • A cheap day in Split, Croatia: $20
  • If you decide to go the cheap hostel route, you can expect to pay $11+ and hotels will be around $19+
  • When you decide to eat in a restaurant, a cheap meal will be around $9+
  • Split is another phenomenal beach town. If you don’t want to totally relax, this place is for you.
  • Two things you must check out when you’re in Split is Diocletian’s Palace and the green market for vegetables
  • This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The beauty in it is indescribable.
  • Walk along the water and take in everything. 
  • There are a vast amount of clubs and party venues in Split. If you love to party this place is for you. I kid you not when I say this is one of the best towns for nightlife I’ve EVER been in
  • I recommend staying here 2-3 days, maybe longer if you get heavily hungover. 
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  1. Skopje, Macedonia 
Cheap vacations in Skopje, Macedonia
  • A cheap day in Skopje, Macedonia: $15
  • The cheapest hostels will set you back roughly $7+ and hotels will cost at least $15+
  • One fabulous dinner will cost you around $8+
  • Enjoy this city while you can, I can’t believe more tourists aren’t in Skopje
  • As cheap as it is you’ll be hard pressed to find a better spot for cheap vacations
  • This place has an unrivaled beauty that will set your eyes on fire with lust. 
  • The first time I ever walked into this city, I gasped nearly every few seconds at how architecturally beautiful this place is.
  • If there’s one place I’d highly recommend to you (besides the beach towns) I’d recommend Skopje, Macedonia
  • I recommend staying here 2-3 days
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Here’s a complimentary video of me traveling very cheaply around Athens